Holy handbags batgirl! It's Georgia May THATCHER!

11 August 2011

Question: is ‘80’s fashion PERMENANTLY up for revival? We think yes! Whether we agree that bringing back ‘80’s politics is a good idea (we can hear the sirens wailing outside as we speak and frankly, we can’t think of anything we could actually add to the debate) but a certain gang of (American, since you ask) fashion image creators are happy to resurrect one such relic. Margaret Thatcher mark two has been reborn as a the alluring Georgia May Jagger, all bee-stung lips and a golden blonde bouffant that looks far more Hollywood then Downing Street, but there you go – we have to allow Terry Richardson his artistic licence.

The shoot was for Harper’s Bazaar, and sees our plucky heroine, Georgia, styled up in all her pussy bow glory, acting out various scenarios from the Iron Lady’s career on a predictably Terry Richardson spectrum, from quite amusing to very questionable in taste. The one with loads of sexy looking models dressed as punks picketing her with protest signs. . .? Genius zeitgeist prediction skills, Terry.

Lindsay Duncan -looks perplexed to discover her hair has turned rigid

Georgia of course joins a very illustrious list of famous ladies who have fancy-dressed their way into the Lady’s shoes over the years. Can you tell which of these is the odd one out? Vivienne Westwood, Andrea Riseborough, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Duncan and Katharine Hamnett?

Andrea Riseborough as a young Iron Lady

It’s Katharine H of course! All the others have transformed into Mrs T for a shoot or a part over the years but Ms Hamnett became famous for upstaging the PM in her protest tee. WHICH is re-enacted in this very shoot with androgynous US designer, Alexander Wang standing in for Hamnett. Brills!

Meryl Streep having undergone her transformation

- Naomi Attwood


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