Gaga announces a giant book of photos- of her!

29 July 2011

On hearing the news that Gaga is releasing a coffee table book of images of herself, we had a big concertina crash of thoughts all in one go. It’ll be a 350 page tome of black and white AND colour images, and should provide a nice document of the year that Gaga ruled the world. Here are some of the associations that sprang to our mind, when we read her publishers’ announcement that;          

‘We are proud to be publishing this remarkable collaboration between Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson and anticipate that it will be one of the most stunning, provocative and coveted books of the 2011 holiday season.’ [or Christmas, to us Brits]

1 Madonna had a big coffee table book of herself  in her heyday. Only hers wasn’t a fashion-y one, it was extremely rude and involved Vanilla Ice – but surely it goes to show that a giant heavy book devoted to yourself is still a hallmark of world domination.

2 It will be nice for Gaga to have all the nice pictures of herself in one place. She is always whizzing round the world, never stopping to take stock or have a rest, and she only wears each of her outfits once, before they are all sent off to be archived in a giant temperature-controlled cupboard somewhere. This way, she’ll have a tangible and glossy way to remember her time as pop star in 2011.

3 It’s Terry Richardson at the lens, and apparently, he has been granted a ‘10 month period in which Richardson followed Lady Gaga and had complete access to her everyday life, with nothing being off limits.’ Yowsers! Maybe it WILL have things in common with Madonna’s one after all. 

4 What will she do next? We propose a feature length documentary about her life on tour, why, they could call it ‘In Bed with Lady Gaga’  . . .

-Naomi Attwood


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