Daphne Guinness swaps clothes with Amanda Harlech! (can't you tell?)

29 July 2011

Pictures by Karl Lagerfeld for V Magazine

Pretentiousness alert! We’re not being ENTIRELY unkind today because we do think that Lady Amanda Harlech – right hand woman to Karl Lagerfeld for years, and before that, to Galliano – and Daphne Guinness (no introduction necessary) look stunning in their Chanel Haute Couture and new season Alexander McQueen, respectively, in these pictures.

Now, we don’t ourselves possess ANY couture gowns with layers of feather light tulle (or any other kind in fact) and full-finger jewellery studded with more diamonds than a South African mine, so we have to admit we might be affected by a teeny drop of jealously. However, it is in the purest spirit of objectivity that we present the following couple of objections to this latest sumptuous shoot to be published in V magazine, shot by the multi-talented Mr Lagerfeld.

1 The point of the story, entitled ‘Dress Reversal’ is that the two ladies, with their distinctive personal styles, and completely divergent attitudes to dressing, swap clothes to see how the other one feels. We have to say, they look remarkably similar to us. The shot with the wigs – you need to look quite closely to see what is going on there.

2 Daphne, God bless her, is quoted as saying ‘She said: 'The more you concentrate on something, the more it shows. I can't get dressed if I think about it too much. I don't dress for effect, and I think that it never works out when someone does.'

Right you are Daphne. So none of the looks below took you ANY time or effort to put together, then? We think the lady doth protest a teeny touch too much! In fact, what we want to say, teasing aside, is; Daphne you look like a work of art when you go out! So credit where credit is due . . .


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