Anna Dello Russo's 10 Commandments For The Holidays!

26 July 2011

Take a good look at this woman and then ask yourselves, not what you would do to have the guts to don a pair of gold - or red! - cherries on your head but what you would do to be a fly on the wall while she's packing, or gets her assistants to actually put things in luggage, for her summer holidays. A lot, right? Well, that's what we thought too until we read - nay, studied her 10 commandments on the matter. *Cue the violins*

Anna does NOT travel with a cute family of monogrammed Louis Vuitton trunks but is rather an advocate for...*whisper it* light packing! Anna says, 'The suitcase must be LIGHT (her capitals) as a feather! It's forbidden to pay OVERWEIGHT!' Whether this means filling up a small family of LV trunks with light feathery things remains to be seen.

Anna may own more than 4,000 pairs of shoes but when the time comes round for her to dive into the Mediterranean she...*shudder* throws just one of them in her bag! Anna says, 'Is allowed to bring only ONE high heels: Choose it well!' Oh, Anna!

Anna may only take *choke* one, uno, une pair of high heels in her light as a feather bag but when it comes to reading it seems paying for overweight is not only allowed but required. Anna says, 'Take an extra luggage just for the BOOKS on paper.' We imagine a monogrammed light as a feather designer case will suffice for the iPad.

And then Anna starts saying something about 'flirting with the mood of the country' but to be honest, we just could not muster the courage to keep reading. What next? Leave the giant gold cherries behind? And what exactly would we be seen wearing while sipping cocktails by the pool, Anna? *shakes head in disbelief, cancels holiday*


-- Kiki Georgiou


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