Alexa Chung will preside over US FASH-OFF TV!

26 July 2011

Alexa Chung. So beautiful, so charming and intelligent, yet, this doesn't stop some people wondering, what does she do all day? The answer, in case you had forgotten, is present hilarious and trendsome TV programmes with her very British sense of wit setting her apart from the rest. We’ve done a brief tot-up and came up with: Pop World, sundry other Channel 4 morning things that we used to love as soothing background to our painful, clubbing-induced hangovers, like T4 and Freshly Squeezed as well as Gok’s Fashion Fix and Frock Me with the delectable Henry Holland.

She then went and got snapped up by the crafty American peeps over at MTV, where she ended up with a brilliant chat show of her own – with her own name on, no less – called It’s On With Alexa Chung. When this show sadly ran its course she went off round New York filming a show on thrift shops and where to get the bestest bargains. (Although, this only went to prove in our minds that she receives a tonne of free clothes from posh brands, because what fashionista IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would want to give away all the best little nooks and crannies where they find their treasures? but there you go).

Anyway. You may be wondering where we are going with all of this but here it is: Alexa has had another show commissioned! Hurrah! But it’s in the States again (booo!) although there is always sneakily watching things on the internet and Youtube these days, isn’t there?

It will be called 24 Hour Catwalk and it’s a reality competition for budding designers, pitting them and their mastery of sewing against each other. Those of you who are familiar with Project Runway will know the score. Well done Alexa, and we can’t wait for a preview!

Although – do think of us from time to time, Miss Chung, the little people on this side of the pond, and make some more programs for a UK audience? Oui oui?

- Naomi Attwood



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