The Queen doesn’t like Kate’s ‘creepy’ dress display!

25 July 2011

What’s this? Apparently Kate Cambridge had the chance to take a peek at this summer’s exhibition at Buckingham Palace, all based around the most famous dress of the year – HER WEDDING DRESS! - before it was opened to the public, and who better to admire it with than Grandma-in-law and Head of State and Commander of the Commonwealth – The Queen herself - on Friday?

Picture the scene; the wise old Monarch and new eager-to-please addition to the family firm stroll down the corridor together  before entering the room containing the famous gown. Apparently, according to Press Association reports – who were the only journalists allowed to accompany the pair;

'The monarch led the way and, with her hands clasped behind her back, strode into the ballroom and stopped about 10 feet from the dress with Kate standing beside her.

'As the pair chatted, the pitch of the Queen's voice raised and she said "horrible" and then "horrid." It appeared the mannequin's lack of a head may have perturbed the Queen, who added: "It's made to look very creepy",’ the media outlet reported.

Yeesh! It is understood that Queenie took exception to the way the dress was displayed, rather than the style of it per se. Lit from within, on a headless mannequin with a tiara floating above it, it seems that the Queen felt the inspiration for the display seemed more London Dungeon, than Buck House.

Can you really blame her? When you think of all her ancestors and people like Mary Queen of Scots being sent to towers to have their heads removed, perhaps it touched a Royal nerve!

Caroline de Guitaut, curator of the exhibition, said it was the duchess’ choice to put the dress on display at Buckingham Palace.

"The Duchess considered a number of options, and then decided that she would like it to be displayed here at Buckingham Palace which of course was the scene for the celebrations after Westminster Abbey, so it is very fitting that it should be shown here exactly where the reception took place.”

Half a million people are expected to visit Buckingham Palace to see the spectacle. . . Maybe the Queen would even like to manage people’s expectations – or even put a few prospective Royal spotters off, so the queues don't get too long and unsightly. Who knows?

-Naomi Attwood


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