Giles Hunter - live from the studio!

21 July 2011

So - while we are residing in the epicentre of trendiness that is Giles's East End studio, we thought to ourselves; surely there is enough raw material here to compile a quick Style, nay Giles Hunter?

For one thing, Giles's team are all dressed pretty niftily, even though they have got to toil all day with a mouthful of pins in front of a mannequin or a big sewing machine. Additionally though, one of these might be the next Giles Deacon in a few years' time . . . or even the next Phoebe Philo! If that does turn out to be the case, remember, you saw then here first!

Alcy, (top) Giles's right hand woman in the studio is wearing a 90's vintage pleated skirt with a vintage mohair cardi and glasses from Cutler and Gross. We love her bewitched-style specs and her subtle pink hairdo as well!

Tayo, Giles's assistant pattern cutter is wearing some rather nifty printed/tie dyed KTZ trousers and an American Apparel tank top with and added voodoo skull necklace from 'a market'.

Charlotte, is a slinky studio assistant, and she's French! Ooh la la! She's wearing slouchy trousers from All Saints with a vintage bustier top and a T shirt so old that the label has fallen off. Her shoes are vintage and her leather cuffs are from Camden market. Unfortunately, we don't think money can buy her crazy 'fro or washboard tummy. Drats.

Sophie, studio assistant, is wearing jeans and shoes from Urban Outfitters, a denim shirt, that she swears was bought from H&M when she was nine (!!!!!) - we hope it was baggy on her then! Her jumper is from Uniqlo and her glasses are vintage frames from Camden.

Conclusion - yes, Giles's staff pass the Style Hunter test with flying colours. We can't work out though whether they have to wear brilliant specs in order to pass the job interview OR they arrive to work there with perfectly normal eye requirements and then pick up the habit while they are working for him though !? ! Oh yes, and we are going shopping in Camden this week. It's obviously the place to be!



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