Rihanna! VB! Gwyneth! It's The Giles Best Dressed List!

20 July 2011

'You've done a very nice selection of the many, many beautiful celebrities we've dressed over the years,' Giles beams when we present him with a pile of Best Dressed pics this lunchtime. From Gwynnie and Ri-Ri to VB and Chezza, our Guest Editor has wrapped his wonderful wares round some of the most famous, fashwan bods in the business.

'The thing that ties them together is that they're strong, they really like fashion, they like colour, they like print, they like statement clothes, so that can accommodate a whole host of different women. I don't just have one muse – that concept scares me.' So what does he make of these past and present Giles Girls? Let's find out…

rihanna brits giles

'First off, Rihanna at the Brits. It was an interesting piece to work on because she was doing a lot of travelling and it had been the Grammys two nights before so we were doing a lot of virtual Skype fittings, which can be interesting, but works. And underneath that, she was wearing a bodysuit, which was only decided on the day before, so we had to accommodate that. She wanted to be able to take the dress off within two seconds of finishing one part of the song so we put a very Bucks-Fizz-type velco front so she can just schrooop [mimes whipping it off]. She carried it off with marvellous aplomb.'

Carey Mulligan giles

'Carey Mulligan is one of my favourite actresses and I was super-excited when we were approached to dress her. I think she's great. She was amazing in An Education and is destined for big things. And also she's a really, really lovely girl. She's a good supporter of British style and she wears quite a bit of Chris's pieces (that's Mr Bailey, to you and I) as well as quite a bit of ours. So no complaints there.'

Gwyneth Paltrow giles

'Gwyneth Paltrow we've dressed on a number of occasions. This was a denim sheath dress which she wore to a charity event and she looked great. I like that we have an on-going relationship with her - she's worn pieces to the premiere of the Valentino movie in Los Angeles and she'll also wear something for a TV appearance on Jay Leno and then something to go to a much more low-key event. It makes it a bit more interesting.'

Katie Grand giles

'Here we have Katie Grand, who obviously I've worked with very closely for a long time, wearing an archive piece of hand-cut rubber explosions on a silk corseted base. It's a really beautiful dress – this picture doesn't give it full justice but it's got amazing movement on it. We make a lot of pieces especially for Katie; she obviously gets whatever she wants. And I don't know who she's with here. I've never seen her before...' (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Victoria Beckham gilesVictoria Beckham giles

'Oh yes, I think the person next to her is very good friend and great supporter of mine Victoria Beckham. We create things made-to-measure for Victoria on a regular basis. This was for the launch of her collection in Bergdorf so that in itself was amazing. It was great she chose to wear us instead of her own line and it was great for an American perspective to be seen at such an important event. She obviously liked it because she asked for a similar style for Diane Von Furstenberg's dinner last year.'

cheryl cole giles

'Here we have the lovely Cheryl Cole on X Factor wearing a piece from Spring/Summer 2010, which was a really interestingly constructed corset piece with exposed boning. She's another great person to dress. To reach an audience through someone fantastic like Cheryl wearing your clothes is incredible.'

Wowee, that's quite the roll-call! So is there anyone else you'd like to see in your creations, Mr Deacon? 'I'd really like to dress Lauren Bacall in some strong daywear. She still looks so incredibly stylish at her polite age. And we've not dressed Anne Hathaway who could be quite interesting. I also really like Alice Glass from Crystal Castles and I think she'd be really cool on the whole spectrum.' What a variety! 'That's what I like doing – there's many different types of interesting women in the world and I don't like the way that lots of designers compartmentalise it into one specific look or type of woman. It's a really unrealistic to view the world so I like to keep myself open to that.' And amen to that. Does that mean Grazia Daily can be a Giles Girl too? Pleeease?

- Jessica Vince


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