Giles FASHION JURYS Gaga! Rihanna! Olivia! Agyness!

19 July 2011

As Grazia Daily devotees know, around these parts, we like to play a fun little game called You, The Fashion Jury. So seeing as Giles Deacon is our lovely Guest Editor this week, we’ve challenged him to assess the latest sartorial offerings from our favourite starlets. So, over to you, Mr Editor…

‘Ah, the wonderful Rihanna. She looks really good in this shirt dress. It’s a very down-time look, which I think looks good on her. She’s got a rather interesting Rolex watch and some quite good jewellery and the ubiquitous Prada espadrille brogue – there was quite a waiting list on those although they’re not for me personally. And that's quite a good ankle chain on her – not many girls could pull that off. I like the way she’s made no effort because we see her so much of the time making such an effort. We dressed her for the Brits and she’s amazing. She really knows what she wants.’ VERDICT: CHIC!

‘This is someone I can’t even recognise!' Umm, it’s Catherine Zeta Jones, Giles. 'Well, she looks like err, she’s on holiday.' Funnily enough, she is! Holidaying here in St Tropez, could she be the next Joan Collins? 'I don’t think there can ever be another Joan Collins. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Joan a number of times and she’s absolutely incredible. I’ve never met Catherine Zeta Jones but I get a very different thing [from her]. This outfit has too much going on, to be honest.’ VERDICT: EEEK!

Olivia Palermo is continually very stylish. She doesn’t just wear expensive labels, she wears high-street and contemporary brands really well, but also wears beautiful couture. Personally, I like her when she wears something a little bit more edgy than just so safe.' And this outfit? 'I’ve seen her in better but I’m not going to do her down for it. It’s a little frumpy but she isn’t a frumpy person. And I like the shoes – I would’ve liked to have seen more of the shoes.’ VERDICT: EEEK!

‘Now, this I believe is Jonny Woo leaving the Bistrotheque [laughs]. No, I believe this is Lady Gaga who is just great, isn’t she? The people who work with her are incredibly talented and do a really good job at dressing her to the degree to which she looks. Quite how much of that is her personal look, I never really know. I would almost like to see her in that [points to Palermo] – I think that could be quite good fun. The thing I do really like about her, which I think everybody does, is that she’s giving a point of difference. Kids need something exciting to show there’s another point of view and if they want to dress differently, to have a role model like that is ultimately good.’ VERDICT: EEEKY-CHIC!

‘The gorgeous Agyness. I adore Agyness. She’s a good friend of mine so I always think she’s looking great. That’s Agyness just leaving her flat and going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon - she looks great. She’s got some really good trainers with all the studs on. Agyness is a great chameleon – that’s what makes her such a top model – she can look totally genius in an army vest, checked shirt and cut-off shorts or she could be wearing a great gown. She’s just got really good taste. But I’m biased! She can do no wrong in my mind this one gets a big thumbs up.' VERDICT: CHIC!

Well, thank you, Mr Deacon! See, didn't we tell you this is a fun game?! Now click play below to watch Giles' gems of style wisdom for yourself...


- Jessica Vince


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