You’ll NEVER Guess Who This Is!

12 July 2011

Have you got it yet? Okay, we’ll give you a clue. She has a wardrobe that puts Barbie to shame, drives a pink convertible Bentley and has a multi-story home for her seventeen pet Chihuahuas. So who is this saucy leather-clad minx, you ask? This, ladies and gents, is PARIS HILTON.

Honestly, it really is her.

Those clever people at V Magazine have rendered everyone’s favourite squillionairess entirely unrecognisable, kitting her out in kinky clobber and framing her pouty features with a blunt fringe and poker-straight locks. Blimey. Just check out the provocative pose above that sees her in nothing but a Versace leather jacket and thigh-high snakeskin Alexander McQueen boots. Is anyone else reminded of a hybrid between a raunchy Bridget Bardot and raunchier Taylor Momsen?

Or how about this topless shot featuring an oversized Yōji Yamamoto coat and bondage straps at the waist (in fact, that's a couture headpiece by Heather Huey, Paris). Well, we say, fierce, fierce, FIERCE! And isn't it maaarvelous to see her going futuristic and edgy rather than Barbie-tastic? Even despite that slightly freakish doll-like stare...

So prepare to see even more of her dark side as The World According To Paris hits our telly boxes this year. 'I get to use my real voice,’ the 30-year-old says of the project. ‘I love it because it’s showing more of the real me, as a business woman. I wanted to show what it’s like to be in my world.' And what is it like, Ms Hilton? 'I'm very fun, and I'm very daring. I don't copy anybody,' she says. 'I'm like my own Barbie doll!'

Ah yes, something’s never change…

- Jessica Vince



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