Harper Seven Beckham News Round Up

12 July 2011

Aah. Not only is the news of a gorgeous celebrity baby entering the world is such a joyful one, but, almost better than that, we would all like to extend our thanks to Mr and Mrs Beckham for having

a) given your child such INTRIGING nomenclature,


b) having her right in the middle of summer when there is very little other news.

The second circumstance must be a factor in the proliferation of detailed stories about the provenance of the youngest Beckham’s Christian names.  Several British publications have this morning gone with the (quite plausible) suggestion that  ‘the Beckhams' daughter is believed to be named after a Disney character her three brothers adore - called Harper Finkle.  The boys are hooked on the US TV show Wizards Of Waverly Place - in which the name is that of a magical family's pal, played by actress Jennifer Stone, 18.’

While rival newshounds have plumped for the idea that it might be from the old English word harpur meaning harpist or minstrel (we don’t think so).

Most amusingly of all, the London Evening Standard went around compiling a comprehensive list of all the OTHER CELEBRITIES who have named their offspring either Harper or Seven. 

OK deep breath: Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl's two-year-old daughter is called Harper, while singer Paul Simon and Lisa Marie Presley also used the name for their children. Presenter and M&S Queen, Myleene Klass, used it as the middle name for her second daughter Hero, who was born in March. Even harder to believe, but Seven is not totally unique either - it is the name of the daughter of pop stars Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 of Outkast. What? The Beckhams aren’t the ONLY PARENTS IN THE WORLD to have had this idea? Have the forms been signed or is it too late for a change now?


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