The next Kate Moss? Lottie Moss, her younger sister!

08 July 2011

Remember a teeny tiny event that took place last week? The joining in holy matrimony of Miss Kate Moss, spinster of the parish and Mr Jamie Hince, rock and roll trilby aficionado. As you may or may not recall there was an altogether excessive number of bridesmaids and ONE of them in particular caught the beady eye of top model scouts.

Oh yes, It’s Kate’s 13 year old little half sister, (she kept that one quiet, didn’t she) called Lottie Moss.  She is fair of hair and cute of face, with more than a passing resemblance to her supermodel half sister. However, she is only tiny, and her Mom thinks she is still too young for the business.

Carol White (yes the very same ‘Auntie Carol . . .the witch’ Of The Model Agency on Channel 4) had this to say to the Evening Standard ‘Lottie looks beautiful and fresh — a very English rose look,' the founder of Premier Models went on; 'Her mother is quite right to wait until she is 14 and has developed more but she has wonderful features and could definitely make a model. Generally you need the height. Kate is the exception to the rule because models need to be 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in. I think Lottie would make a lovely young model.'

Apparently the family have a vintage clothing business that Lottie already works as a mannequin for, so it doesn’t look as though she will be strongly opposed to the prospect, when she is older.


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