Stop it Gaga, just stop it.

08 July 2011

A Lady lands on Planet Pop in 2008, upps the fashion anti with her mind-jangling outfits, and the next thing you know, she turns up at events gussied up like THIS:

Er, whaaat? Has Marge Simpson got in a nasty tussle with a paddling pool? Has a giant rubber ring eaten Barbara Windsor? No, sillies, it's Gagaloo dressed as a black onion for a Japanese telly appearance, of course!

Amusing as it is, this latest display has us Graziettas asking whether Gaga's bonkersness is getting too, well, bonkers. We know she's super-talented and all, and we do respect the boundary-pushing but there's avant-garde and there's just plain crazy. Seriously, how is she ever going to be able to drink her tea dressed like that?!

Indeed, an explosive new book, written by investigative journalist Ian Halperin, implies the singer’s losing touch with reality. ‘She's morphed into this caricature called Lady Gaga, who isn't even a real person,’ Halperin says. 'The girl known as Stefi to her friends and family has all but disappeared.’ Gulp.

It is true that, recently, rather than gasping in delight when we see Gagz wearing Kermit heads/lobster hats/raw meat, her endless parade of barmy outfits are more often met with scoffs and exasperated eye-rolls. Because, honestly, her non-stop wackiness is getting a little (whisper it) tired. Who wears a lace cat suit for a yoga class, anyway? And wouldn't it be nice to see her au natural for once, popping to the offy to buy a pint of milk wearing jeans and flats?

So this is the question we pose to you, dear readers: has Lady Gaga finally crossed the line from edgy to fallen off the edge? We pass the debate over to you…

- Jessica Vince



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