Introducing fashion blogger and muse, Bebe Zeva!

08 July 2011

So there’s an 18 year old fashion blogger in the USA who’s attracting a fair bit of attention at the moment, so much so that she has even been dubbed ‘the new Tavi’. Huh, what’s so good about that, you might be murmuring to yourself at this very moment.  Errr, she’s had a film made about her *wiggles head, raising eyebrow* have YOU had a film made about you? Thought not.

So, her suitably kooky name is Bebe Zeva and she’s been lucky enough to become the muse of some indie filmmakers called Tao Lin – the film is called Bebe Zeva, and has already been released in New York. Her entire raison d’etre can be described thus , ‘I made the conscious decision to pursue the hipster lifestyle.’

Her obligatory blog; “Fated to Be Hated”, is named thus as a reference to her unpopularity in high school and among some blog commenters who have accused her of betraying the hipster aesthetic to ‘go mainstream’ we see. We actually have that problem ALL the time too, so we know how Bebe feels.

Other of her words of wisdom include;

‘Don’t leave the house unless you look like you’re going to a funeral,’

AND ‘I like to concentrate on the cuteness of what I’m eating,’

But best of all, her ambition for the future, not to be as rich or famous as Paris Hilton, but rather, ‘to be relevent’

She sounds unbearable to us, but what do we know?




BEBE ZEVA (TRAILER 1) from MDMAfilms on Vimeo.



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