MIND-BLOWING FINSK shoes available on Cocosa!

30 June 2011

One of our favourite hobbies, dreaming about shoes has been focused on one particular brand recently – the most imposing, towering platforms there are, with perfect flashes of colour that mean you know they would look perfect with anything from scruffy jeans to your Sunday best. The name to remember is Finsk, that have long been stocked in one of our favourite London boutiques, Beyond the Valley in Soho AND NOW! We’ve just got wind that they’ll be on sale at bargain website, Cocosa, with many styles reduced from £450 down to only £150. *Jumps for joy*

They are designed by Julia Lundsten, from Finland (she sounds cool already, doesn’t she?) who graduated from London's Royal College of Art in 2003 and won the prestigious Manolo Blahnik Award two years running, the Finnish Young Designer of the Year Award and the Smart Card Design Prize. Mr Blahnik himself is such a fan he described her footwear as 'exquisite, divine and perfect'. We’re entirely in agreement with him.

Her father is and architect and her mum is an interior designer, so an appreciation of brilliant design obviously started seeping in at an early age. Some of her biggest inspirations have derived from architecture, including buildings and furniture details as well as structures found in nature. Likening a shoe to a chair, Lundsten views the heel and sole as the chair legs, with the upper, the seat. Always good to hear that shoe designers are interested in function as well as form, and you’d be surprised that some of the biggest ones aren’t particularly. You might also be surprised to learn that, absurdly glamorous as they are, Julia’s shoes are all made ethically in Brazil; the production process is as ethical as possible and all leathers used in Lundsten's designs are by-products of other industries.

Two words; pure lust.

To register on Cocosa.com, all you will need are your personal details and the code 'shopluxury'.

-Naomi Attwood



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