EXCLUSIVE: Tali Lennox's inside scoop from Glastonbury!

28 June 2011

Tali Lennox in her Lacoste outfit

When Grazia Daily met Tali Lennox in Paris last month, the British beauty confessed she's a huuuge festival fan. Hmm, this girl's vintage-inspired wardrobe would certainly make for one hip glamper, we mused. And so the genius idea was born for Tali to write a diary direct from the muddy fields of Glastonbury, including sneaky shots of her fab outfits as well as general shenanigans, exclusively for this very site. What excitement! So having spent Monday recovering, today Tali brings you Part One of her Glasto tale - Tali's Glastory, if you will...

On Thursday morning, just hours before the beginning of Glastonbury, I stocked up on things I’ll need for survival, from paracetomal to torches... as usual, seems I’ve over packed. I jump in a cab and pick up one of my best friends Alex straight from her last A-level exam and, filled with excitement, we head to the station. The train is delayed by a good few hours which means the carriages are extra packed out but we manage to squeeze on the floor in-between seats.

After having a celebratory end of exams drink of champagne, we make it to Castle station and drive to the festival. We look at the beautiful Glastonbury countryside knowing this is the last moment we'll be surrounded by the peacefulness and quiet, which only makes us more excited to get there.

Getting to our Tipi, however, was another mission in itself - the paths are a foot deep in thick mud. As Glastonbury first timers, we naively thought that wheelie suitcases were suitable; a choice we promptly regretted after a good three hours of dragging and pulling our now mud-covered suitcases through the thick soup.

After a while, our arms and legs feel like they’re about to drop off and we realise we've been told to go in five different directions to get to the pyramid stage (where our tipi, supposedly, is waiting). I ask a group of guys pleadingly if they will help us with the bag, and offer some snacks or a drink in return and, surprisingly, they happily carry them for us, showing the good, happy, and friendly spirit that Glasto gives to strangers. In fact, this was the way everyone acted with each other, which makes for such a unique and uplifting atmosphere!

After what must be about four hours of dragging, pulling and sweating, we find the tipis, and our aching arms are instantly forgotten once we're inside. The tipi is amazing, furnished with sheep skin rugs, mattresses and duvets and a fire! Compared to standard accommodation at the other festivals I've been to (usually consisting of a cramped tent that collapses and ends up staying at the festival thanks to its muddy and broken state), this is idyllic!

We pack on our layers and head out to venture into the festival where we bump into friends who happen to be staying in a yurt next door. Together, we head to the dance village where crowds are heaving and electro, house and dance music is playing. People are pushing through the mud without getting stuck or falling into it. It's chaotic but exciting. After losing half our friends through the pushing crowds, we soon bump into another crowd of old school friends who I haven’t seen in ages so we watch Ms Dynamite together. For some, this situation could be a bit intense, but I love it when a crowd has the atmosphere and everyone is really into being there! I have a great time, and Ms Dynamite performs amazingly, finishing with one of my favorite songs to dance to by DJ Zinc featuring Ms Dynamite, ‘Wile Out'.

Later on, we walk up to stone circle, which looks incredible [below]. The sun has gone down and all you can see is hundreds of fires with groups of people sitting around them while overlooking the vast view of Glastonbury. The scene is surreal and unlike anything I’ve seen before - it's like a world of lights, tents, fields and music. London, where we were just a few hours ago, seems a long way away...

We stay and talk with friends, but wanting to feel refreshed for the next day, we head back to the tipis fairly early, stopping to get a falafel on the way.  Once tucked up in bed, we have some nice chats and fall asleep. 

Stay tuned to Grazia Daily as we bring you more from Tali's Glastonbury diary and don't forget to pick up the new issue - out today! - for the model's festival buys, tips and styling tricks...


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