Tavi looks really grown up! (But reveals a slobby side)

21 June 2011

Time was that we used to write about Tavi Gevinson, the amazing Mozart-like child prodigy of the fashion blogging world, all the time! But she slipped off the radar quite considerably in 2011, much to the relief of loads of professional fashion editors and journalists who had been working their butts off for years and STILL not been offered the cover of POP magazine.

ANYHOOO. She’s turned into a typical teen, not so bothered about impressing all the grown-ups at the fashion shows, instead Tavi’s joined a rock band and shot up about 12 inches in a year instead. She didn’t totally forget about writing though, and now she has re-surfaced in a slightly less fashion-specific capacity, working with the legendary Jane Pratt on her new website xojane. In her byline picture she looks startlingly mature, and quite beautiful. PLUS her writing style has evolved a bit too . . .

In her first blog for the new mag, she decides to give the lucky readers an intimate insight into her life by emptying and photographing the contents of her high school locker. Her rationale?  ‘my mind went to those "What's In My Bag" things, when editors and models and Sofia Coppola allow us a glimpse into the inner workings of their attention to convenience when taking the subway. For some reason I'm always expecting "What's In My Bag" to become some juicy confessional, with descriptions like, "My will, that body I killed, and a convenient Google Maps of where Amelia Earheart and Biggie Smalls currently reside.” Sore disappointment follows when it's just a lot of really pretty makeup and Prada iPhone cases.’

Tavi (correctly or not? You be the judge) believes that her locker was INFINITELY more interesting than Sofia Ford Coppola’s handbag and then plunges in. In an attempt to shock us she reveals that it took more than the 20 minutes allotted by her teachers to clear the thing out and that, in there, amongst the colourful party wigs and other emo detritus were; ‘a very questionable Ziploc bag full of some strange half-liquid/half-solid green/brown mush’ and a bag that she uses (more than once???) to scoop up her dog’s droppings on walks. WE’RE SHOCKED AND APPALLED TAVI! But kind of glad to have you back, goth eye-liner and all.

-Naomi Attwood


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