My Bikini Funtimes in Ibiza with O’Neill!

14 June 2011

Last week saw the launch of a very special item of swimwear indeed – the O’Neill Superkini! A bikini so strong and technologically advanced that it can withstand any amount of battering by water and waves without ever exposing your bosoms to the elements – that’s right, it sticks fast! Stickiness in fact, is one of its many selling points. O’Neill managed to invent a new type of textiles – called Nanofront TM which grips to the skin when wet – leaving you feel more comfy and secure than ever – and it’s been tested throughout its development by O’ Neill’s army of pro-surfer girls like Raine Jackson and Armandine Sanchez. Grazia Daily headed off to Ibiza, land of sea, sun and sangria to investigate its claims.

Bet you can’t guess what the brand dreamed up to test the mettle of aforementioned bikini? No? Well, they constructed a catwalk on the top of craggy rocks overlooking the sea on a beach in Ibiza, at the same time as holding a global modelling competition to come up with a gang of girls young and desperate – errrr sorry we mean beautiful and up and coming, enough, to jump off the end of the ‘One Way Runway’ into the salty sea below. Remember in Britain’s/America’s Next Top Model where they pit all the girls against each other in a terrifying task, yet so keen are they all to beat each other they put their common sense to one side and complete it anyway?

Anyway, the finalists were all introduced by the compere as they minced out onto the runway showing their charm and swimsuit-suitability before showing their true grit by plunging over the edge like sexy lemmings, once hitting the water, they were each captured mermaid-style by an underwater video camera, which was then projected onto a big screen above the runway where the assembled crowds could check for any post-plunge bikini slippage in a scientific manner.

Wonderful! The outcome of all this beachside razzmatazz? ALL the Superkinis stayed firmly in place, no one chickened out or had a panic attack and the contest was won by a beautiful Dutch lady called Tatjana Maul. Here she is, jumping away! (above and above right) The bikinis come in a range of block colours (mostly neon) or the fetching floral and stripey combo as seen on the models here.

If you’re planning an action packed holiday or would just like to augment your swimwear collection then we highly recommend you check out the O’Neill selection. Oh – and as for Grazia Daily’s own scientific research into the subject? They work just as well for lying on the beach sipping a cocktail as they do rampaging around, jumping/swimming/surfing/otherwise using up energy.  Perfect!

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-Naomi Attwood in Ibiza




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