Grazia Daily meets Leah Weller!

08 June 2011

Leah Weller is a rock and roll heiress, a successful model and a London Fashion Week FROWer. As the daughter of Paul Weller (The Jam, The Style Council) and Dee C Lee (The Style Council, Wham!) she is now determined to follow in their footsteps and build a career in the music industry. Grazia Daily talks to Leah about her love for Madonna, stealing her Mum's style and getting some very cool freebies...

Grazia Daily: Describe your style in 3 words…

Leah Weller: Minimal. Chic. Edgy.

GD: If you could, who's wardrobe would you raid?

LW: Rhianna or Madonna. They always dress the way they I’d like to dress. I really like their stage outfits. I might be copying some of their style! Rhianna a little more I guess.

GD: We hear Coutney Love inspired you to learn to play the guitar, what do you think of her style?

LW: I wouldn’t necessarily dress like her, but she’s a free spirit and I admire her individuality. She used to be my style icon but that's changed now, although I still think she's cool.

GD: What's the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?

LW: I’d say my black Burberry mac. It’s a classic and I’ll wear it forever.

GD: As a model you must get some cool perks and freebies, what's the best one ever?!

LW: I got an Alexa bag from Mulberry and I love it!

GD: Do you collect anything?

LW: I collect shoes. High heels. I have around 50 pairs (and counting) at the moment!

GD: What's your favourite store in the world?

LW: Probably 109 in Shibuo in Tokyo -it’s a huge store but has loads of smaller stores and brands inside. It’s for girls only and is SO cool. I’m usually in there for three hours.

GD: If you were having a lazy Sunday curled on the couch, what would your read of choice be and what would you be drinking?

LW: I'm hooked on Diet Coke but only drink it from a Karl Lagerfeld bottle, so probably that! As for reading;  I love Japanese stories and am currently reading Kafka on the Shore *

GD: Your Mum was a backing singer with WHAM, did you inherit her costumes?!

LW: I didn’t really inherit the costumes, but I definitely took inspiration from her style.

GD: What's your favourite high streets store?

LW: It’s obvious, but Topshop. Their stuff is fashionable, amazingly current but never too expensive.

GD: Who is your favourite designer?

LW: I don’t have one favourite because my style is always changing. At the moment I really like Marios Schawb and Mark Fast, and I'll a;ways find something in Dolce & Gabanna.

GD: Era you'd most like to have lived in and why?

LW: Definitely  the 60’s. There was a movement and a real sense of freedom. about it. The clothes were so different from the 50’s styles and it just resonates with me. I still love miniskirts and PVC boots, and I'm a big fan of beads too!

GD: Top of your wishlist…

LW: Probably a Chanel bag.

GD: Fashion or food?

LW: Fashion! While I do appreciate good food I’m not a foodie!

GD: Heels of flats?

LW: Heels. Definitely. Even though they hurt, they're totally worth it.

GD: Pretty or punk?

LW: I like a mixture of both-it’s nice to be feminine with a bit of an edge.

GD: Rock or roll?

LW: I’d say rock. With a bit of pop thrown in for good measure.

Leah Weller was in Dublin to launch Diet Coke’s ‘Light Style’ pop-up tour. To join the tour log onto

- Angela Scanlon


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