Gisele; the BILLION DOLLAR model? ?

06 June 2011

Just in case anyone was in any doubt that Gisele leads an enviable life, let’s just run through the inventory shall we?

1 Glossy mane.

2 Legs up to her elbows.

3 Not a SCRAP of body fat.

4 Is Brazilian therefore inherently cool and looks good in bikinis smaller than doll’s clothes and has been to Carnival loads.

5 Best mates with Mario Testino etc . . .

6 Handsome sports-playing husband (Tom Brady, who is quarterback for the New England Patriots) and they have a cute baby together.

7 A possible BILLION DOLLARS in the bank.

Whaaa-wait a second . . . a billion is a lot of money. Apparently she doesn’t have a whole bil’ yet, although she’s the supermodel most likely to reach it, according to Forbes magazine. HOW is she going to make it?

Let’s start with her record breaking 25 million dollar contract with Victoria's Secret. Although it ended in 2007, it helped her gain widespread recognition beyond the fashion industry – and set the bar for the possibilities of model earnings. She’s worked consistently with more than a few other megabrands, like Stefanel, with Versace lots of times and with the ultimate glamazon label – Roberto Cavalli among others.

She has her own product lines as well as being the “face” of so many others – her flip flops are among the best-selling in Brazil, she has a green cosmetics line and jewellery in the pipeline and, at the age of 30 (one year older than Grazia Daily) has an enviable property portfolio including a hotel in the south of Brazil, land in an upper-crust region of Bahia, a villa in Costa Rica and an estate in Brentwood, California.

Hmmmm. Life envy? You know we NEVER suffer from it normally, but from time to time . . .


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