Cheryl Cole v Nicole Scherzinger in the X Factor Fash-Off!

26 May 2011

As the world gets used to the shocking news that Cheryl Cole will not be judging the US X Factor, our thoughts have turned to how we'll get our regular fashion fix without her. Because it’s not the sob stories or – let’s be honest, now – the singing that has us utterly obsessed with the show. Obviously, it’s the fashion. So we're concerned that without Cheryl OR Dannii on our telly boxes, there won't be an inch of X Factor style on either side of the pond (no offence, Louis).

But panic ye not, wipe those eyes, because rumour has it Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing the gorgeous Geordie on the US panel alongside Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and L.A Reid. Phewf! So let's cast our minds back to last year when Nicole was recruited as a guest judge on the UK series and you'll remember her parade of sleek shift dresses – from the glam grey Victoria Beckham number to the vibrant Karen Millen piece [above] – garnered many a-thumbs up. But as the singer told us, she's 'a completely different individual' to Cheryl so can she live up to her in the style stakes? We know, we know, it's almost too unfair to compare, but we’re gonna do it anyway. Let the battle commence!

cheryl cole brits

We begin our Girls Alouder v Pussy Cat Doll fash-off with a look at their red carpet attire. It's clear both ladies opt for the standard glitzy-gown-topped-off-with-smokey-eye look for their after-dark shenanigans, but Nicole's is a little more sweet wrapper chic, dontcha think? So we're giving this one to our Chez. Just.

cheryl cole perform military

Whether they're MC Hammer's cast-offs or an ode to Aladdin, the ladies share a penchant for belting out a tune whilst wearing the baggiest of harems with sexy cut-out leotards. Admittedly, Cheryl's slashed pants, teamed with military accents, had us clutching our pearls in horror, but not as tightly as when Nicole wore this frankly hideous creation, offically putting the 'tart' back in 'tartan' >shudders<

Aside from harems, look what else these two have in common. Yep, it's Derek Hough, the man responsible for saving Cheryl's life when she was on death's door after a nasty bout of malaria last year. Mr Hough fast became Chezza's sidekick, flicking her into a variety of fabulous contortions during her solo tour. And you know who else he's been flicking? (yes, we said flicking) None other than Scher-ZING-er herself. In fact, the pair were crowned champions on the last series of Dancing With the Stars, America's version of Strictly Come Dancing. And so the fash-off thickens...

Oh yes, we also couldn't help but notice this mutual affection for um, hair ears. Cheryl was the first to sprout Minnie Mouse mounds in November last year, then Nicole followed suit just a week later when she copy-CAT-ted (ha!) Chez for a bonkers X Factor performance. Maybe they really are kindred spirits after all...

Honestly, we could go on and on (what a fun game this has turned out to be!). But we won't because it's time to put the fash-off to a vote. So do tell us - can Nicole fill Cheryl's Louboutins? Or will the Geordie-shaped hole in our X Factor hearts stay forever unfilled? Wade into the debate below, and don't forget to feast your eyes on more fash-off treats in the gallery below... 

- Jessica Vince


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