OUCH! Lindsey Wixson comes a cropper – THRICE!

18 May 2011


Now, you can say what you like about Naomi Campbell, but she does do a lot for charity – AND like all the best kind of philanthropists, she’s come up with a concept that people actually want to get involved with. Unlike, say, those people who ask you to sponsor them to trek in Kathmandu, (what’s in it for you?) she’s noticed that the public appetite for watching/attending fashion shows has grown and grown over the last years, so much so that people are willing to treat a show as a form of entertainment in itself, like a play or concert; providing there are enough celebrities tripping their toes up and down the runway, that is – and stump up big bucks. For their part, the celebrities don’t seem to take much persuading if the roll call at the Fashion for Relief shows is anything to go by.


But, in fashion shows, like so many things in life, the devil is in the detail. And Naomi, conscientious to the last, likes to make sure there are even more personal touches to make the night as memorable as possible, and get the maximum press coverage. For this, she has drawn inspiration from her own stellar modelling career and *lightning bolt of inspiration!* Eureka! What was Naomi’s defining catwalk moment of the Nineties? Falling over in 17” Vivienne Westwood super-elevated platforms of course! After that day she never looked back. It is for these reasons, that she has given strict instructions for her celebrity turns to ALWAYS fall over on the catwalk at the Fashion for Relief events. First Agyness Deyn at the Haiti event last year and now lovely lovely Lindsey Wixson at this week’s show for Japan. In fact, we think she wins a prize for the most number of falls in a the smallest distance of walking EVER to have not been shown on You’ve Been Framed.

- Naomi Attwood


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