Kate Moss CONFIRMS She's Launching Jam!

18 May 2011

So, we know that Kate Moss rarely opens her perfect little mouth, and whilst we can’t be certain whether that’s because she has an opinion about everything or absolutely nothing, what we CAN be certain of is that it’s made her an enigma of epic proportions, resulting in Moss fans across the world capturing her utterances and holding on to them, as if they were a flock of particularly beautiful endangered butterflies.

To celebrate the launch of her new commercial with Mango (shot by gentleman photographer Terry Richardson) Mossy hosted a bit of a shindig in Paris last night – a shindig which Grazia Daily was, of course, in attendance for and which we’ll bring you a full round-up of once a certain person’s hangover has worn off. >looks sideways<

However, before our very own party report, we can bring you the spoils from another lucky journalist's encounter with Mossy in which The Telegraph's Bryony Gordon actually hears the supermodel SPEAK! And guess what she says? She's really in to making jam! 'jam! I love my jam. I've just had a batch of it come through, I've been making it' Kate says. Do you think this is going to be her next move? It would, almost certainly, be a huge success.

Kate also revealed that she doesn’t consider herself an icon, saying ‘No! Liz Taylor's an icon. I'm just normal.’ (Bless) and also that she would loved to have been in the 1990 George Michael video for 'Freedom' – alongside Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford and Mario Sorrenti, saying ‘Well I wasn't in [George Michael's] Freedom video… I just missed it. That would have been amazing.’ We would have LOVED that.

Kate also speaks out about the OTHER Kate to get married this year (Middleton, obviously) – ‘Oh I love her! She was so chic and seamless’ and also revealed that she watched the wedding ‘in the country, with loads of friends and kids who were all crying. There were tears. We were like “ok, you can marry Harry!”’ Which could make her Prince Harry’s Mother-in-Law…? ‘Nah! No!’

Other gems from Miss Moss include, on whether she’d like to be made a Dame for her services to the fashion industry, saying ‘Ha ha. Can you imagine? I'm too young to be made a Dame. A Dame's for old women. Like Margaret Thatcher'. The interviewer then points out that Thatcher is a Baroness, to which Kate replies ‘Id prefer to be a baroness. I'd quite like to be Lady Kate. But I'm happy just as I am.’

Kate, as far as we’re concerned you already ARE a Lady.

Read Bryony's full Mossy encounter at fashion.telegraph.co.uk

- Alex Butt


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