LA Blog Day 3 – Surf’s Up!

16 May 2011

Since Quiksilver have based their whole livelihood on selling stuff specially designed for scooting around on floating wooden boards in the sea, the gang thought it was high time the bloggers should find out what it’s all about. To do so all we needed were a wetsuit, a surfboard (niftily manacled to the leg), a few handy pointers from our instructor Tom, and a liberal dash of bravery.  Simples!

As I’ve only been near a surfboard once in my life before, on my outward bounds holiday in Y6 at primary school, I qualified as a beginner. Weirdly, I had quite strong memories of being in the sea aged 11 and trying to stand up on the board before the wave hooshed me headlong onto the sand, so I was pretty excited about getting another chance. Plus, the absolutley beautiful beach and Malibu sunshine, complete with pelicans flying low, sea lions and even dolphins (YES! real dolphins) shimmying about in the waves - perfectly set the scene.

Tom the instructor looked a bit like a burly traffic cop and then made us practice lying down on the board on our tummies while it was still on the sand then ‘popping up’ (standing straigh up from a prone position) onto our feet about a million times until we were like ‘hmmm, I think we’re ready now’ and then took me into the sea first for a bit of one to one tuition.

Is this me or is it a picture I swiped from the Quiksilver website? Who can tell?

Basically, Tom is dead strong and experienced with surfers of all ages and experiences and he brooks no fear from anyone. I got into position lying on the board with arms ready to paddle furiously while he stood behind me in the water and watched and waited for the right moment to pop me and the board onto a good wave and . . . WHOOOSH! Before I knew it, I was cruising madly towards the beach with Tom screaming ‘POP UP! POP UP! STAND UP!’ like a maniac. You’d feel soo rude if you didn’t at least try and pop up and there you go. Next thing that happens is a giant wave coming to crash on top of you and send you flying. Then all you have to do is clear all the seawater out of your nasal passages  . . .  and go again!

Absolutely top top fun was had by all. Surfing has to be the most invigorating, exhilarating hobby EVER. I would definitely be up for a bit more in future, and will be booking my next summer hols with that in mind. It was almost so magical that the next day I wasn’t even sure if it had really happened. Then I tried to lift up one of my arms and the ridiculously painful ache in my muscles told me it surely wasn’t.


Lets Go Surfin' by the most excellent Drums


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