Being prep-pared at the Tommy Hilfiger pop-up launch

06 May 2011

ed westwick Tommy Hilfiger

“Even preppies can be naughty,” said Ed Westwick with a twinkle in his eye, as we stood on the lawn sipping champagne at the Tommy Hilfiger Prep World pop-up launch in Covent Garden last night.
And there was potential aplenty for a bit of naughtiness amongst the polished perfection of the new pavilion. A temporary beach house complete with white picket fencing, deck chairs and games of backgammon, the shop was tastefully fitted out with carefully selected vintage pieces and tried and tested Hilfiger classics for those looking for a slice of the Martha’s Vineyard lifestyle. Guests slinked around on the lawn, much to the amusement of the hordes of Covent Garden tourists.

Even Ron Wood was toeing the ritzy/raffish line, dressed as he was in squeaky clean mint green polo and true blue jeans - but when we asked him what he found sexy about the preppy look, he simply replied, “Well I’m in it ain’t I – of course it’s sexy.”

The garden was pleasingly decorated with handsome men in chambray shirts and rolled-at-the-ankle chinos, and with all this preppy hotness around we found ourselves desperate to learn the key to this spotless sex appeal. What should an East London girl invest in if she wants to capture the hearts of the polo-playing hotties?
According to Ed Westwick, all you need is “a classic white shirt with a big collar, rolled up sleeves, a few buttons undone. And a sexy pair of heels. It’s so clean it just has to be dirtied.”

For Tommy Hilfiger himself, attaining Pure Prepdom is a little more complex: “You need colour, you need madras, and you’ve gotta have seersuckers. You need to be holidaying in The Hamptons or Nantucket, and you should be wearing anything red, white and blue to look nautical. And even if you don’t know how to sail, you should pretend.”

david gandy Tommy Hilfiger

But we forgot all the rules when David Gandy arrived. We may have almost knocked over Tommy Hilfiger and his 2 year old son Sebastian in the rush to fall into those blue eyes. Gandy was only just getting over the injuries he’d sustained from his marathon running. “I held up a whole airplane full of people in Rome when it took me almost ten minutes to shuffle down the stairs of the plane just two days after the race,” he said, cringing, “my legs had just crumpled on the 17th mile and I had to walk the rest, so by then I was still in so much pain I had to take 2 minutes for every step.”
Next time David, you just need to be better prep-pared. 

- Alannah Sparks


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