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27 April 2011

pamela love

Last month we told you about Topshop's latest pretty genius designer collaboration with the adorable Pamela Love - their first American designer in fact! We've been following Pamela's stratospheric career rise from the moment we laid eyes on the gold talon cuffs that are her signature so we're pretty excited to see the collection once it hits Topshop stores on May the 19th and although she embodies the ultimate New York girl with her eclectic Americana style we feel there's a Brit girl hiding in there, so much so we've decided to call her Pam. Pam Love - sounds like a pretty cool friend, no? She even shared with us some of her picks from Topshop's summer collection -surelly this makes us buddies now! Read on for more on the collaboration and who she wants to see it on and scroll down for a peek in her Topshop wishlist.

Grazia Daily: Pamela, congrats on the collaboration with Topshop! Needless to  say, we're excited to see it. How did you feel when Topshop approached you and what were your first thoughts on what the collection should be?

Pamela Love: It's always a great experience getting to work with other companies, and this was a particularly fun opportunity because I am already a big fan of Topshop! For the past couple of seasons I've been inspired by jewellery and adornment from Africa, India, and Native American culture and I wanted to tie this into Topshop and what their girl wants. For the collaboration, I brought these ideas together but in a slightly different direction that’s lighter and more feminine while keeping it affordable.

Grazia Daily: How important was it for you to keep the Americana style that's become your signature? After all, you are the first American designer that Topshop is collaborating with!

Pamela Love: I wanted the collection to be reminiscent of my style while creating something that would be slightly more extravagant, fashion forward and feminine for their customer. I was inspired by the Southwest, as well as Native American culture, and being the first designer from the States, I wanted to make sure to also represent the spirit of America.

Grazia Daily: We, of course, love every piece that we've seen. What's your favourite and do you mix them with your existing jewellery collection and also, who would you love to see the Topshop pieces on?

Pamela Love: I love the large dream-catcher earrings and the heart cuff. I’m always wearing a blend of accessories, but my talon cuff is the one piece I never take off! I love how delicate it feels while maintaining a powerful appeal and will definitely mix in some of the new collection. I think that someone like Alexa Chung would be a really great fit for this collection with Topshop. She’s British and also likes to mix and match high and low.

Grazia Daily: Last time we spoke you were telling me about discovering Marks & Spencer with the help of Alexa Chung! I'm guessing you're also a fan of Topshop, how often do you shop there and what have been your best finds there?

Pamela Love: Topshop is one of my favourite stores! I love that it’s affordable yet high quality. I think they're the one of the most creative, fashion forward companies. I especially love the way they support young designers and help foster their careers. Their dresses and shoes are great closet staples of mine!

Grazia Daily: We also love your own personal style. How would you describe it and what are your go-to pieces from your wardrobe when you're getting ready in the morning? Also, do you start dressing based on the jewellery you're going to wear or do the clothes come first?

Pamela Love: I love to mix masculine and feminine styles together and I’m always wearing at least one piece of vintage clothing. I really enjoy finding the right balance between two unlike qualities, like masculine and feminine or ancient and modern. Combining things that don’t necessarily go together—things that aren’t easily definable, I think there is something interesting to be found in that. Also, I always start my outfit with jewellery first!

Grazia Daily: CFDA-nominated, your label is getting stronger and stronger every season and now Topshop! These must be exciting, and busy, times chez Pamela Love. How do you feel about it all and what is coming next for you and the label?

Pamela Love: I’m really excited about designing and working on the S/S’12 collection. I’m more excited about that collection than any other thus far. I'm also looking forward to challenging myself by working with new materials and collaborating with my friends and talented artists; I see myself creating accessories beyond jewellery in the future...

Grazia Daily: Finally, the sun is finally out (now and then, at least!), the temperatures are rising - how will you spend the next few months, what will you summer look be and are you planning on escaping somewhere dreamy and hot?

Pamela Love: I'm loving florals for this summer, or any fun prints for that matter. I would love to escape to Morocco soon. I've been wanting to go there for some time, and I feel like now might be the right time!

Here's a peek in Pamela's Topshop wishlist. We can definitely see her browsing Morocco's markets for vintage treasures in the pretty kimono wrap, can't you?


--- Kiki Georgiou


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