Kate Moss and her fluffy, plushy admirer

20 April 2011


Just look at this video of Kate Moss and a giant white rabbit. Mmmmm, saucy huh? Naughty Miss Moss seduces the bunny with a three point plan. Number one; she gyrates provocatively in a sensible cardi which falls open conveniently revealing her silky black underpinnings. Number two she brandishes a big bunch of carrots (what is she planning to do with THOSE? Mercifully, we never find out) and number three, slips herself into something a little bit more confortable - a negligee  type dress covered in Maribou feathers. Next thing we know, it's morning in her luxury hotel suite and the room in full of cute little twitching baby bunnies. Awww. (yet if you think about it - ewwww!) How did THEY get there?

Let's examine her the possible reasons for this shall we?

1: Kate just loves toys, after all, it's a reasonably well known fetish. This is not entirely libellous, as she does have form at this sort of thing.

2:  We all know she loves rock stars, after Bobby Gillespie, Pete Doherty and now Jamie Hince, maybe she is giving little known '80's megamix star, Jive Bunny, a helping hand to re-launch his career. Here he is, back in his heyday, posing with Chubby Checker. The resemblance is striking, don't you think? If anything, the years have been kind to the whiskery, long-eared creator of wedding reception and school disco mash-ups.

3. Kate simply needed some money to pay a tax bill, or some wedding-related expense, and so she made this as a TV ad for South American fashion chain Basement. No, we're sure it's not that, that is far too boring a reason. We think it is 2. Definitely 2.

-Naomi Attwood



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