ADR and Daphne Guinness Share Their Met Ball Costume Tips!

08 April 2011

anna dello russo

You will not believe this, but IN-credibly, Anna Dello Russo has never been to the Met ball before. (we know? Like who DOES go, if she doesn’t?) However, this means that as a Met Ball virgin, ADR is almost as excited as we would be to attend the extravaganza on May 2nd and obviously, because the Met ball is ALL about costumes and she is a style icon of epic proportions, she has furnished us with a genius list of rules, spelling out how to help achieve red-carpet fashion magic. And they’re awesome! Well, they’re awesome with the exception of the last line of number one.

“1. It's Prohibited to choose the wrong OUTFIT. Look and look again hundred thousand times all the shows on

2. Opt for the HAUTE COUTURE. You only live once!

3. For at least a month before, prepare your BODY with an iron DETOX discipline and a daily TRAINING. You must be radiant!

4. Choose a long evening GOWN. Unless you have Giselle's body [do] not wear a short dress!

5. Put some beautiful SHOES with which [you can] walk straight and FIERCE. Your legs cannot wobble over. HEELS exceeding 11 cm.

6. MAKEUP and HAIR: Here you can exaggerate! You have to invent a character, you'll transform into another woman, give her another name and you'll feel more SECURE.

7. Strictly: JEWEL-CLUTCH in hand.

8. Leave your WATCH at home, even if precious, cause it may be unkind to those who invited you.

9. Rigorously forbidden to take iPhone pics at VIP'S and CELEBS!

10. When you get to that very long, dreadful RED CARPET, take a deep breath and SMILE."

daphne guinness

Now, if you already know that Grazia Daily practically hangs off ADR’s every word (hence our decision to have the above tattooed, a la Angelina, on to our upper arm) then you will also know that we will watch and learn everything her UK equivalent, Daphne Guinness, has to say.

Daphne, not to be outdone by ADR, has opted to prepare for the ball in the window of Barney’s New York on May 2nd, allowing passers by to chance to SEE just how you create fashion magic before a big event. (Hint: you have to star with a wardrobe of couture). The window will then turn into a micro-exhibition called ‘Fashion as Art’ which will run for six weeks, comprising other performances and a short film about Guinness herself. Amazing, yes?

Honestly, this year’s pre-amble to the Met ball is shaping up to be almost as exciting as the event itself. Probably… 

- Alex Butt


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