Grazia Daily Chats (listens) to. . . JANICE DICKINSON!

30 March 2011

How does one start writing an introduction to Janice Dickinson? Once queen of the catwalk and of many a sand-strewn swimwear shoot, then gossip column icon and mother, then author of a particularly candid autobiography; No Life Guard on Duty - which details the trauma of her abusive childhood and the behind-the-scenes goings-on of her modelling career, before embarking on the second phase of her career as a prolific reality TV star on both sides of the Atlantic, in such shows as America’s Next Top Model, I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out and many many more. Now she’s often in the UK, and keen to promote her pet projects from the London fashion scene, including boutiquey shoe brand Mechante. She took time out from all of this to take us on a conversational ride that had us struggling to keep up but very much entertained. . . .

Grazia Daily: Thanks very much for talking to us Janice! Are you based in UK all the time now?

Janice Dickinson: Yes I met and fell in love with my [British] boyfriend, David, so I’m here pretty much a lot of my time.

GD: We keep seeing you out at fashion events and shows! Would you agree you’re a fixture on the London fashion scene?


JD: ABSOLUTELY! For me it’s the heart of the passion for me what fashion is and what fashion will be, and I’m also obsessed with supporting new and up and coming designers and brands. Like Mechante! Deborah [Lyons, the designer] is a genius and she's just the new Louis Vuitton basically! (Janice modelling the shoes, above) and cool new shops like Box Boutique!

GD: You’ve done loads of reality TV. Which do you prefer, the fashion world or the TV world?

JD: I know! I keep on doing more and more! There’s a big BIG difference between the two. Fashionistas don’t really want to be involved in things like reality TV. There’ll all like “Oh darling, what publication is this for?” and they want to frown on TV.


GD: What are the best beauty secrets you’ve learned over the years?

JD: Water, exercise, do charitable work and say no to drugs and alcohol.

GD: Will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding?

JD: I haven’t been invited, I mean, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE GUEST LIST? I’ll be trying to break into the party!

GD: Tell us about the following outfits . . . .

Taken in my backyard Southhampton in Long Island shooting hoops. I’ve always been really really sporty. In particular anything to do with water; surfing swimming, sailing, water skiing. Now I’ve injured my sciatic nerve from picking up my heavy dog, so I have to work out through the pain. Oh yeah. I recently returned from [US reality show] Celebrity Rehab where I kicked my addictions to painkillers so I can’t take anything for it. I’m now Yoga and pilates for it.

Yellow is the colour of creativity and I always put my hair up like that like a palm tree.

Sunglasses – here I'm trying on Ray Bans I’m over excited I’m being silly and there's my big mouth. You’ll find that most of my pictures are like that to be honest – I get over excited, that’s how I am.


In this one I’m with [a male model called] JP Calderon. He’s a volleyball champion and he came out of the closet on my show [Another of Janice’s reality shows documented life at her modelling agency, called The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency] So he basically came to terms with his sexuality on my show. It was a beautiful moment and I’m so proud of him. Here we are protesting about wearing fur.

I do have to disclose at this point - I’ve had some dead, DEAD! fur in my closet coz I got it from Fendi when I modelled for them, years and years and years ago, and I don’t want to throw it out! I have worn it when I’ve been filming in Russia – but I don’t really wear it unless it’s super cold. So there. You can’t out me for wearing fur sometimes ‘coz I’ve just outed myself!

Everyone was getting on Miley’s [Cyrus] back at that time, and I was all like, leave Miley alone – she’s just a kid, she’s just being a kid, that’s what kids do.  I’ve got a seventeen year old daughter myself and – well, everyone was being very hard on Miley.

Red’s my favourite colour and David and my son Nathan’s favourite colour . . .

GD: Janice thank you so much for chatting to us! IS there anything else you’d like to mention?

JD: Oh yes, please everyone should support Battersea dog and cat hospital they’re darling over there . .  the facilities are wonderful I go and walk the dogs for them. The other day David took me to Richmond Park to see the deer there and communicate with nature and we’re on planet earth and we need to take  . . . .  

*Grazia’s ears fall off*

What an amazing lady!

- Naomi Attwood


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