Let’s talk about the Olsens

25 March 2011

Let’s get one thing straight, here at Grazia Daily, we love the Olsens. We love how MK and Ashley have gone from child actresses, to kiddie merchandise zillionaires, to proper respected fashion designers. We also love their bonkers style. Ashley has been borderline bonkers, crossed with Head Girl, while Mary Kate has always dressed with more of a bonkers nanna in mind. We’ve loved that, really, we have. But recently even the Olsens have taken bonkers a bit too far, to the point where it’s just a bit…dare we say…gross.

Shock, horror, I know that it’s supposed to be ‘cool’, but puh-lease, recently MK (ok, so our bug bear isn’t with Ashley) has basically been going out dressed in a blanket, and yes they may be made of cashmere or fur or babies tears, in which case drape them over a bed or a zillion dollar sofa. She also seems to be wearing all her clothes at once, and not necessarily in the right place, order or season. For now, we still love her, and really there is always going to be a place in our fashion hearts for the Olsens, but pull it together MK, because we are having a touch time defending your increasingly erratic sartorial choices.

- Kay Barron



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