One or two things you might not know about Ms Tyra Banks!

23 March 2011

Good afternoon, fact fans! And welcome to our mini run-down of interesting facts about Supermodel, TV presenter and producer, entrepreneur and all round arbiter of FIERCENESS, ‘oh-CHIIIIIIIILD!’-Tyra Banks, that we didn’t know until we read this fab interview in New York Magazine.

1. She’s not attending Harvard business school as some kind of Kanye West-style publicity stunt, she’s actually LEARNING stuff; ‘I just met with my accountant the other day, and he was like, "We have to kind of look at your EBITDA." He goes, "Oh, let me just explain to you what that is." And I go, "Earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortization?" And he goes, "[Gasp!] You’re my only client in the entertainment industry who knows what that is." And that’s because I’m going to school.’ And then we went, Ooooooh!

2. Despite being such a high level model she actually walked for ALL the greats back in the day, she doesn’t consider herself part of the high fashion scene at all – ‘I’m not the high-fashion girl inside. So I was walking in the runways of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent and Dior and all the other top designers of the world, but I always still felt intimidated, which is interesting. Karl Lagerfeld is dressing me, Yves Saint Laurent is like smoothing my hem or something, and I felt like a little teenage girl . .  . . So I knew it wasn’t my truth. Although I was, like, flattered and like, “Oh, this is amazing!” '

3. She’s in the process of writing her memoirs, but the book is already waaaay too long! ‘I just turned in my first draft. It's like the size of three books because I wasn’t doing a page count but that’s another story. My editor was like, “Well, maybe we have two books in here.” I was like, "No we just have way too much detail that needs to be smushed down into one book."’ So we're like, 'edit, Tyra, edit!'

Oh child!!!


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