Is Stolen Girlfriend’s Club Coming To A Supermarket Near You?

23 March 2011

We simply *LOVE* Stolen Girlfriend’s Club. Do you know the label already? If not, then this is the time to wise-up, because it’s one of the many Aussie and New Zealand based brands we rely on for our dose of daily cool. Bloggers have been raving about SGC for ages, but with it finally in the UK our mitts are constantly mysteriously taking those easy-peasy mini dresses and cute but curiously boyish separates to the tills. We just have no control! But we didn’t expect to find it on our weekly supermarket sweep… Oh wait, that doesn’t look like yer local Morrisons and Stolen Girlfriend’s Club isn’t actually on the shelves. In fact, SGC took over the aisles of a New World Victoria Park supermarket in NZ to showcase their latest wares and captured it all on this video. Who needs a catwalk anyway? We sure like the idea of a pop-up guerrilla-style fashion show coming to our shop floors at any random moment. And TBH, we’re now fully inspired to strut around Tescos putting on a similarly stylish show for other shoppers. It’ll make buying pork chops or toilet roll a helluva lot more glamorous.


-- Hannah Almassi



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