Anna Wintour warns of the danger of looking 'too Dubai' & why she loves MObama!!!

23 March 2011

What’s on Anna Wintour’s mind this week? The annoying slow-wittedness of fashion assistants? The worrying girth of Andre Leon Talley? The future of the Rodarte sisters’ business? No. Anna’s message in an interview to business magazine the Wall Street Journal was one of concern for the economy, and an observation that consumer habits are becoming more restrained since the recession;

'there's been too much product, too much copy-catting, and, probably too much consumerism. I think a sense of clarity, a sense leveling off and a sense of reality is needed. . . I don't think anyone is going to want to look overly flashy, overly glitzy, too Dubai, whatever you want to call it.’ (Don’t worry Anna, we won’t tell SJP you said that).

On the subject of reasonably priced, or even high-street clothes in US Vogue, she said; ‘I think we need to give women the aspirational clothes that can make them dream, and another portfolio that's about mixing high and low, certainly the way the First Lady is dressing. It's about a mix. …In the Index pages we are looking more rigorously at price and value and asking, 'is something worth that particular price tag?'

AND to give an example, she described one episode; ‘Without naming names, we had a little sequined thing that wouldn't come down to here on you [points to chest.] And I said, 'How much is it?' £15 000. I said, 'No. We're not going to photograph that right now.'

How wise, Anna. Where would we all be without someone like you to steer us all in the right direction?

Oh yes, and she talks about her own fashion obsession at the moment, Michelle Obama, on whom Ms Wintour seems to have developed a bit of a pash!

'She wears clothes beautifully. They always look like they belong to her. It's extraordinarily refreshing, and it's empowering for women all over the world. I think what's different about this administration -- and I am talking strictly about fashion here -- is that they really enjoy it. Working with other brilliant people in Washington previously, I felt they've been nervous about clothes, about being criticized and not taken seriously. Washington has been very conservative. But I think now we have a beautiful and brilliant First Lady who loves clothes and enjoys them, and she is going to send that message to women all over America -- they can wear beautiful clothes and still be taken seriously.'

Hear hear!

- Naomi Attwood


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