Anna Dello Russo: THE OPERA!!!

17 March 2011

Disclaimer: this is a made up story – not real news. Nonetheless, it is SUCH a good idea we couldn't stop ourselves from writing it. Basically, Anna Dello Russo said AGES ago, while doing interviews to promote her perfume, that she wanted her next project to be a musical one, because; ‘Everyone expects me to do a clothes line. It’s too obvious. I want to do the opposite’

Now, 5 months later the same quotes have re-surfaced (we don’t even think she was being serious the first time. But who are we to quibble?) and speculation has run wild! Add this to the fact she has been on the set of Euro-disco king, Bob Sinclair’s new video, which was styled by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce no less, and there's your front page news!


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The video isn’t out yet (darnation) so in the meantime we’ll have to content ourselves with our made up opera. (You’ll have to hum a tune for it yourself). BUT! The Pet Shop Boys have just finished making the score for a ballet, so perhaps this could be their next project. The reason we think an opera would be more appropriate than a musical is a) she’s Italian and b) so many of the names, brands and individuals – in the world of fashion would sound soooo much better when warbled by a soprano than merely belted by a chorus line.


Scene one. Anna is in her temperature-controlled Milan apartment searching for a particular pair of shoes to wear to Mario Testino’s birthday party. Unable to locate the perfect pair she grows more and more agitated.

Where are my Balenciaga shoooooooooooooooes?

Oh where the Dickens have I puuuuuuuuuuuuuut them?

My beyooooooooooootiful Balenciaga shooooooes, the ones with the sparkly block heeeeeeeels?

Runs around the room, opening cupboards and flinging shoes, shoe boxes and tissue paper into the air . . . .

My Balenciaga shoes! My Balenciaga Shoes! I cannot wear the Prada ones, they won’t go with this dress at all!!!!!

Other scenes in the opera would include;

Anna being invited to model in two different fashion shows on the same day and trying to decide which brand she liked best.

Anna at the airport with more Louis Vuitton trunks than Joan Collins

Anna visiting the pet department of Harrods to try and find the ultimate luxury dog basket.



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