Daphne Guinness defends herself on Twitter and denies she was rude about Victoria Beckham!

14 March 2011

Daphne Guinness has taken to her Twitter page to protest that she did not refer to Victoria Beckham as ‘an ugly pig’ in an interview published in a Sunday paper yesterday.

In a feature about her written by journalist Camilla Long in the Sunday Times Magazine, (subscription required) Daphne is quoted as saying Victoria Beckham is, ‘an ugly pig . . . downbeat, miserable, awful. Of course she’s going to make money, she’s backed by Simon Fuller. I don’t have anyone! She annoys the shit out of me'.


The day the piece came out, Daphne, sounding distraught, reassured her many fans and Twitter followers that, ‘I am so sad stitched up by the sunday times. I thought c. long was a friend. I would never call anyone an ugly cow, not my words’.

She went onto explain that she agreed to the interview as a favour to the journalist, who she had known for a long time, having been introduced by Issie [Blow]. Daphne then added that she has nothing against Veebie, of whom she tweets -

'And for the record I not only admire Victoria Beckham but know her and like her. My point was that I do most things alone without a backer.' and ‘I always liked her and was pleased she had done so well.’


As her friends all tweet their support she says -

And ‘you are all so great. i feel depressed and so angry at myself. naive.’

‘THE WHOLE THING IS A MESS... i did it as a favour’.

Oh dear Daphne. Elsewhere in the piece she talks about her boyfriend, philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who is still married to a French actress according to the article, and her infamous bathwater debacle (where she left the taps running several times in a row, and flooded her downstairs neighbours) of which she said, ‘I really shouldn’t talk about it . . .  but I really didn’t mean to. I’m sorry if it caused anyone grief'.

If Daphne stops doing any press this will be a shame for us. Unlike other species of celebrities, Daphne isn’t selling a product, and although she regularly collaborates with photographers and filmmakers on projects, she is so wealthy in her own right that she has no need to ‘do press’ to plug anything – and normally just gives out the odd quote to people to set the record straight. We hope she won’t stop altogether after this!


- Naomi Attwood


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