Lady Gaga modelling at the Mugler show

03 March 2011

One of the things that we noticed while watching the very informative documentary McQueen and I at the weekend was how the models used to move down the catwalk in seasons gone by. Doing little twirls and mincing around, vogueing occasionally and swinging from the fixtures and fittings. Nowadays, well, we don’t like to use the word “robot” because models aren’t robots, they are real people, and that term is a bit demeaning - and they are under direction from the designers anyway. To surmise, most models in modern day fashion shows just march down the runway, pause for an infinitesimal moment at the end of the catwalk and then storm back up.


NOT at the Formichetti-designed Mugler show featuring Lady Gaga they didn’t. The good Lady opened and closed the show and set the tone for the other models by camping it up wildly, puffing theatrically on a cigarette at the end of the runway, then disappearing with a flick of her industrial sized pigtails and stamp of her foot-high platforms. Then at the end of the show, returning to stomp the length of the catwalk swishing a few meters of parachute silk in her hand and wearing a bee keepers' hat with her latex Mugler creation.


Clearly, steps had been taken to avoid the scenario of Gaga singing live while the models paraded round her, unnoticed by the crowd more concerned with the singer’s performance; so a new track called “Government Hooker” from the forthcoming album was played as the backing track, while Gaga walked in two looks, giving the collection a chance to be viewed on the rest of the models as well. Fabulous. Much has been made of the fact that the whole show was a backdrop to the appearance of Gaga – and that no-one will remember the clothes, but we thought that the collection was slicker and more commercial than we were expecting. AND that Gaga is good at modelling, dammit.

- Naomi Attwood


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