DEBATE: Marisa Tomei SO Wore The Wrong Oscars Dress

01 March 2011

We really did love pretty much aaall of the Oscars gowns yesterday. They were tasteful, elegant, fun, modern, suited to their wearers etc etc (yup, it was almost a little bit boring). Well, apart from one dress that is. Now, we love Marisa Tomei; she is gorgeous and she has that sexy husky oh-so-American drawl and she was great in My Cousin Vinnie, and then again, fifty years later in that other film, The Wrestler. Anyhoo, she's really pretty, and has an amazing figure, so the red carpet should be a cinch, right? Wrong. Because Marisa, as you may recall, wore this hideous monstrosity...

marisa tomei oscars 2011

Now Grazia Daily has never been big on poofy ballgowns on the red carpet, and this is a particularly full-on version of the loo-roll-cover-dolly variety of frock, which is also seemingly sliiiightly too tight. We were going to excuse Marisa on the grounds that this is, in fact, at 1950s vintage gown that was reportedly created by master couturier Charles Worth (presumably on an off day), and Lord knows, we've all been caught up in the romance of a vintage label at some point. Well, we were going to excuse her. Until we saw THIS.  

marisa tomei oscars 2011

THIS is the stunning gown that Marisa chose to wear to the POST Oscars party. Y'know the smaller, more low-key event that the global press isn't showing to 72 trillion viewers worldwide. Is it just us, or is this gown absolute perfection? Possibly one of the best dresses of the night?

So what possible reason could there be for choosing THAT frou frou trick or treat disaster over THIS elegant column of modern cool for the ACTUAL Oscars?!?!??!?

There aren't enough punctuation marks in the world to express our incredulity.

We would love to hear your suggestions, below, of the possible reasons why (oh why oh why) this could have happened.


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