St Tropez At The Oscars blog Pt 3 - Kelly Osbourne and Tolulah Adeyemi!

27 February 2011

In the lead up to the Oscars on Sunday night, the lovely Abbi Hollins from bronzing brand St.Tropez will be giving custom tans to the A-List attendees. And in between all that spraying, she's keeping Grazia Daily updated on all the inside goss straight from LA LA Land...

Ooh I've woken up with a stuffy head... 'Pass me some water!' MAY have overdone the champagne last night. Luckily, the fresh air and the view from my balcony soon made me feel heaps better though, it's still breathtaking! Next up, a shower and then the same as yesterday - breakfast at 8am with the rest of the team.

So it's Kinara spa for me today - the official spa of the stars in Hollywood and the home of St.Tropez for the Oscars. As we were waiting for our car, a group of crazy looking men started shouted in a familiar British accent ' How ya doin' ladies!!' We turned around and it was no other than The Prodigy. (One of my fave bands ever I might add, who had been been staying in our hotel too.) If only we'd known earlier as there wouldn't be anything better than an instrumental version of 'Firestarter' to settle me to sleep..! We had a chat, played it cool (got a group picture on my phone..obviously) and waved them off as they drove away in their big jeepster wagon. How LA!

We arrived at Kinara Spa all excited after our brush with fame and instantly we felt calm as it is the ultimate tranquil, peaceful spa. There were amazing friendly staff that didn't stop smiling, twinkly music and heavenly aromas.

So it was spray tans ahoy for me today! A jam-packed day with lots of people booked in, we even saw a couple of our faves from the UK...the stunning Kelly Osbourne and Tolulah Adeyemi were there amongst many more. 

We had a little break later on in between appointments and just couldn't resist a peruse of nearby Melrose Avenue. A sparkly card holder and a pair of LA old school retro trainers - Or 'sneakers' as the shop assistants called them - later and it was back to Kinara for the final part of the day.. Make up artists, journalists and presenters filled the 'relax' area chatting about the Oscars and their outfits. It all sounded very glam indeed! When we left for the day though it was raining heavily, quite unusually so I'm told. It was kind of interesting to hear how the locals responded to the rain; It was a bit like when the UK gets snow - we all go a bit nuts.

No more cocktails for me tonight.. It's straight to bed, wondering who and what will be in store tomorrow!

Over and out. 

- Abbi Hollins


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