St Tropez At The Oscars blog Pt 2 - the Gossip Girls and Colin Firth!

26 February 2011

In the lead up to the Oscars on Sunday night, the lovely Abbi Hollins from bronzing brand St.Tropez will be giving custom tans to the A-List attendees. And in between all that spraying, she's keeping Grazia Daily updated on all the inside goss straight from La La Land...

Day 2 in the Sunset Marquis! I woke at around 4am LA time wide awake! The 8 hour time difference may have interfered with my sleep!! Thank goodness the 6 fluffy pillows helped me drift back off - that bed is so comfy! So I eventually woke at 6.59 and my alarm was set for 7am - I love it when that happens! Anyway so I got showered and went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant with Sophie, Karen and Nicola - the rest of the team! The hotel restaurant was outdoors, the sun was shining and it was just a gorgeous morning! Had an LA breakfast of poached eggs, fruit and a peppermint tea and a natter with the girls though ringing phones and nonstop emails.

After breakfast it was back to the room to freshen up and then on to the Four Seasons Hotel for the QVC gifting suite where all the top celebrities have been invited! Exciting! The Hotel was so very grand, chandeliers, marble floor, it even smelt luxurious! I demonstrated products and kept my eye arriving celebs! The stars of Beverly Hills 90210, Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives all attended and all looked stunning! I watched closely whilst they were having their hair and make up done to see if I could steal a few tricks and even ended up sharing a lift with Kevin Bacon and spotting Colin Firth for the second time in 2 days – I’m sure he’ll recommend me soon!
We finished the day off by stopping off at the Beverly Centre, couldn’t resist a trip to Victoria Secret and to purchase a few bits!  Dinner was at the Souplantation restaurant – Sophie’s favourite place and I understood why! Kind of like a school cafeteria to look at but the food was outstanding! A yummy buffet which is my favourite but all healthy food! Homemade soups, salads, potatoes, muffins etc!. A few drinks after on the sunset strip, and then I sunk into my comfy bed!


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