EVERYTHING you wanted to know about the Proenza Schouler boys!

25 February 2011

One thing is making us very happy today, and that is reading this absolutely amazing interview with designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (of Proenza Schouler), conducted by none other than their tousled-haired muse and official QUEEN OF ALL HIPSTERS, Chloe Sevigny, for Interview Magazine.

Our first thought on picturing the rendez-vous of this trio was; blimey, the temperature in that room must have plummeted, so ridiculously cool are they all, and secondly – we’re glad we’re not broadcast journalists, and that we only have to write things down because that combination of names is a quite a mouthful.  Funnily enough, Chloe has a few thoughts on the matter herself;

SEVIGNY: So, for the record, I want to get the pronunciation of Proenza Schouler down right.

McCOLLOUGH: It's Proenza Schouler. So many people still say Shooler.

SEVIGNY: It's Schouler, as in late for school. I think people think Shooler is more sophisticated that Skooler.

HERNANDEZ: It's like saying Donna Ka-Ran [laughs]. That's like how my parents said it.

SEVIGNY: My manager, who I've been with for almost 20 years, still mispronounces my last name. He says Seven-yay.

HERNANDEZ: How do you pronounce your last name properly?

SEVIGNY: Seven-e. Like, number seven, letter e.

ALL: Seven-e.

SEVIGNY: We both have such a burden to bear with these names.

Oh. We want to go to New York and be part of Chloe, Jack and Lazaro's gang too! Do you think they will adopt us?

- Naomi Attwood


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