Ellie Goulding spills on 'bizarre' Burberry experience & grunge Barbie style...

25 February 2011

Every girl dreams of a FROW spot at Burberry, right? In the past, A-list types - we're talking Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, the Olsens - have been lucky enough to bag a golden ticket to Mr Bailey's show and for his A/W'11 extravaganza, the designer nailed yet another star-studded guestlist. Among them was Ellie Goulding, she of the beautifully wispy voice and pale pink hair. Naturellement, Grazia Daily wanted the low-down on how to secure the hottest seat in town so we met the popstrel before her Vodafone performance at London Fashion Weekend to chat Burberry buddies, dip-dying her hair and why she wants to be a Barbie...

burberry ellie goulding lfw

Ellie arrives at the Burberry show with her stylist

Hi Ellie! Can you tell us the story behind your invite to the Burberry show?
Greg, my boyfriend, has done some presenting for Christopher Bailey [Radio One presenter Greg James hosted Burberry's S/S '11 live stream] and they've become friends, so he asked Greg if I wanted to go. But I've been mental busy recently and had a promo booked so couldn't make it. Then on Monday morning, the promo was cancelled so Burberry picked me up, took me to the Covent Garden Hotel and dressed me for the show. It was pretty last minute but they'd saved a studded trench for me and when I saw it, I thought, 'This is the one.'

Wow! Did you get to choose the rest of your outfit?
Yeah, my stylist was with me. The trousers are Acne, which I was already wearing, and I love the pointy shoes - they're Burberry too.

And underneath the coat?
I wasn't wearing anything! [laughs] No, I was actually wearing a camisole dress which we cut into a top.

ellie goulding pink hair lipstick burberry lfw

Ellie's pink hair and matching lippy

And we're loving the pink hair and matching lipstick...
I've always had my hair pink, purple or blonde but I think pink complements my skin best and purple was a bit like a granny's rinse. I want to go orange next.

Do you change your beauty products depending on your hair colour?
Not really. I wore pink lipstick to the Burberry show because that was the only one I had at the time. It's really not that thought out.

ellie goulding burberry lfw frow

Ellie on the Burberry FROW sitting between Ben Lovett & Jamie Hince

What was it like when you got inside the venue?
Some people are used to the whole thing but I've only been to one fashion show before, which was in Germany. So at Burberry, it was very lovely to be on the front row so I could see everything! I was sitting next to my friend Ben [Lovett from Mumford & Sons] and we both said to each other, 'What are you doing here?!' It was quite bizarre.

It must've been pretty exciting!
It was. And there was real snow! And they were playing Dusty Springfield. It was really classic.

You were sitting next to Jamie Hince too...
I told him the reason we couldn't all fit on the front row was because my bum's too big!

Can you see what Kate Moss sees in him?
Oh yeah! He's very attractive and very cool. He dresses amazingly as well.

What have you got your eye on from the collection?
Oh, the bags, the shoes, the amazing hats...

Is there a collaboration on the cards, maybe for Burberry's acoustic album?
Maybe. I'm very fond of Burberry and I'd do a lot for them. Chris is lovely - it was really nice that he took time out to meet me and he’s always provided me with clothes for events.

ellie goulding johnny depp dolce

Ellie on tour wearing Dolce & Gabbana's Johnny Depp tee and a Temperley jacket

What other designers do you like?
I've got to know smaller ones [than Burberry] through my stylist and from doing shoots. Acne is really good for live performances and I love Temperley [pointing to the leather motocross trousers she's wearing] and Whistles do really nice shirts [pointing to her printed blouse] - they're quite expensive but gorgeous. I'm obsessed with Urban Outfitters too. My favourite T-shirt in the world is a leopard print cross and I wanted to wear it every day on tour. Also, Dolce & Gabbana made a top with a picture of Johnny Depp on it [above] and these amazing beaded leggings...

And for eveningwear?
I love Vivienne Westwood - I was so happy I got to wear her dress at the Brits [below centre]. And Dolce also do really classic stuff so if I need a dress, I go to them because they're big fans.

Are there any designers you haven't worn yet but really want to?
Erdem! His dresses are beautiful. 

ellie goulding style fashionellie goulding style fashionellie goulding style fashion

Ellie's tomboy-meets-girlie-girl style and THAT Chanel necklace

So how would you describe your style?
Tomboyish. When I was younger, I had my lip pierced and I had black hair so I like gothic crosses and grungy leather. But sometimes, I want to be girlie so I go for florals and pink. Maybe I've rebelled from my grunge phase and just want to be a Barbie now! Because one side of me wants to be this sophisticated London girl and the other side wants to be rebellious, especially on stage when I like the idea of being a rock star.

Who are your style icons?
Courtney Love and Chloe Sevigny. And I know everyone says it, but I love Sienna Miller's style. She never over, or under, dresses. She's really effortless. And then there's Nicky Minaj. Oh my God, I'm in love with her.

Would you try that dip-dye hair of hers?
I did once for a video, which never got used, so maybe I will again...

And finally, what was your last fashion splurge? Go on, you can tell us.
I’ve got a Chanel necklace that cost £800 [in the images above]. I popped out to buy a smoothie, saw it and bought it just like that. I wore it to the Brits and will probably wear it every day. And it'll last forever too.

Money well spent, we say. Thanks for chatting to us, Ellie!

PS. Check back here later to WATCH Ellie Fashion Jury-ing herself!


Interview by Jessica Vince

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