We go backstage with ASHISH and M.I.A!

23 February 2011

What do you imagine backstage at a fashion show is like? Half-naked models, flustered PRs and A-list popstars all crashing into each other and shouting to be heard over the general din? Well, you’d be correct.

After we watched a most excellent Ashish collection of sequin-encrusted tartan trousers, holey jumpers and slogan tops we weaved our way backstage to chat to Ashish himself and hear about how it all came together. Things didn’t go EXACTLY to plan though . . . .


We started off by asking the Indian-born London designer about his inspiration for the collection;

Grazia Daily: Why tartan, is it to do with British heritage?

Ashish: It’s because it’s a punk collection. It’s punk, but it’s deluxe. It’s posh punk. It’s about a girl who lives in a scruffy flat and wears punk clothes but secretly she’s really rich. She’s living in disguise!

GD: Cool. What about the holey jumpers? Were they difficult to make?

A: We actually knitted them WITH the holes in. They are 100% hand-made.

GD:  Tell us about your casting, you’re models aren’t the same as the models at all the other shows are they?

A: No, they’re not. We try and get girls that have got a certain attitude, who’re really cool. We look for someone with personality, someone who’s going to stomp down that runway. Stomping in sequins. That’s what we’re all about.

GD: What about the shoes? Stompy brother-creepers?

A: All the shoes are from Undercover. Then we just got loads of tippex pens and customised them ourselves.


Then suddenly, the interview got a bit waylaid when Amber Rose and her friends rolled up and started a massive chat with Ashish. And THEN! Up rocked Maya Arulpragasam, also known as M.I.A, one of Ashish’s top muses and the musical director of the show. Oh. My. Days. How cool is that?

Ashish then explained that he has been collaborating with the singer/rapper/political activist for years, ever since she came to his FIRST EVER collection, and that he ‘absolutely adores her’! Aah. How cool is that?

We then left the backstage area for some fresh air after all that star-spotting made us a teeny bit light-headed!

Thanks very much Ashish!  

-Naomi Attwood



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