Backstage Louise Gray interview!

19 February 2011

Louise Gray’s A/W ’11 collection, sponsored by COTTON USA, was a riot of primary colours, tartan, mohair, bricollage of textures with riffs on spots, checks and stripes. We asked her –

Grazia Daily: Would you agree this was a very Scottish collection?

Louise Gray: There is a Scottish vibe, yeah.

GD: Tartan, mohair, traditional fabrics . . .

LG: I liked the madness of the wool and the colours and I wanted to see how I could make it jarring and make it into something I would want to wear all the time. I mixed it with plastics, rubber, metallics, I don’t know, all the things to really jazz it up!

GD: Do you think people in Scotland dress like that?

LG: No! But they should. It’d be a lot of fun if they did. It was really nice to use those fabrics. It was all really nice to err…

GD: Go back to your roots?

LG: Yeah.

GD: Now, your Spring Summer collection was very much pastels, everything in pastel. You’ve really amped it up this season. How would you describe the colour palette for this collection?

LG: I think because its winter it makes you really want to change. When its winter, I really want to do the opposite of whatever I’ve done before. With this collection I think it was an awful lot about texture this time. The metallics and the rubber and so on.

GD: And the inflatables?

LG: [Slightly hysterical] YAY!

GD: What was the inspiration for those? 

LG: I just wanted to use all the things that I love. You know, the Pop Art element, the club kid element. Just because its fun to have those. Nazir [Mazhar, the milliner] who made those is just amazing talented, so it was great to work with each other.

GD: Very Jeff Koons!

LG: Yep, It’s him but its also everything else, it’s all those things. It’s a nod!


- Naomi Attwood



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