Gaga’s very EGG-CITING Grammys red carpet arrival!!!

14 February 2011

Yay! Ever since Gaga draped herself in marbled beef finery for her MTV Music Awards outfit, people have loved to josh about possible materials for her next look – a cabbage leaves bikini, perhaps, or a dress made of sweets (although we think Katy Perry might have got in there first). Gaga being Gaga though, decided to arrive in style at the Grammys like no one has ever arrived at a ceremony before. In fact, since Lady G put so much thought into her appearance, Grazia Daily feels it is the least we can do, to honour her with our most puntastic paragraph EVER. Oh yes, here goes.

Lady Gaga has definitely BEATEN all other attention seeking red carpet stars (hello see-through Jean Paul Gaultier gown wearing Rihanna, and spouse-snogging J-Lo and Katy Perry) and CRACKED the formula to scaring/impressing everyone by rolling up in a giant egg carried by latex-clad slaves on a giant sedan/stretcher thing, which was apparently equipped with an oxygen tank and a fan to make sure she didn’t FRY. Deadly serious about her art as ever, apparently Gaga lived in the marbled shell for three hours before the performance to ‘get into character’ – she was clearly not up for CRACKING any one liners about her choice of transport. Far be it from us to try and make any cheap YOLKS on the subject. We wonder how much it cost to build and install such a monument. Knowing Gaga she probably SHELLED out quite a bit for the purpose of SCRAMBLING all of our Monday morning brains. (Are you reading this, Mr Editor of The Sun?)    

Ah. We think that is out of our system now.

Later on in the night the resplendent queen of quirk burst out of her shell to perform her new single, Born This Way with a Madonna style topknot and a flesh coloured latex ensemble, at one point tinkling the ivories of an organ equipped with disembodied mannequin heads (but what else?).

Her other looks of the night were a leather/rubber space age thing that we think might hold a clue to the forthcoming Thierry Mugler rtw collection by Nicola Formichetti . . .  AND at one point was sporting a PROSTHETIC SHOULDER. Yes, you read that correctly.

In other news, Katy Parry SHOCKED the world’s tabloids by snogging Mr Perry, also known as Russell Brand, on the red carpet and then sweetly warbling her song of the night while swinging on a swing in front of a big screen showing footage of the couple’s Bollywood-inspired wedding. Aah how nice *vomits discreetly in handbag*

Rihanna wore an amazing JPG couture gown, which, if we’re not much mistaken was the bridal outfit modelled by Andrej Prejic in the couture show and almost everyone else went for one or other combination of sparkly gold or silver. LAH-vely. Our favourite was J-Lo in a mirrorball minidress by Emilio Pucci

That’s all, we think, NAH-thing else to report. Oh yes. Nicki Minaj turned up wearing a perfect wig-dome on her head (complete with leopard-print back and sides) and a top-to-toe leopard print pantaloon combo from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Quite self explanatory, we think.

- Naomi Attwood


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