EEEP! Blake Lively to play the teenage Carrie Bradshaw?

08 February 2011

Exciting news has reached Grazia Towers this morning: Blake Lively may play Carrie Bradshaw. Repeat, Blake Lively may play Carrie Bradshaw! Can you believe it? We’ve only just stopped hyperventilating enough to examine the facts, which are these...

1. Last year Candace Bushnell published 'The Carrie Diaries' about a teenage Bradshaw.
2. Despite er, not-so-glowing film reviews, the 'Sex And The City' producers are planning on taking the book to the silver screen.
3. Said producers need an actress to play the young lead.
4. Step forward Miss Lively, she of the impossibly luscious locks and leggiest legs who (rumour has it) is director Michael Patrick King’s first choice.

Oh goodness, it's almost too perfect to contemplate.

Now, when the news of a teen SATC installment broke several years ago, Grazia Daily wasn't far off the mark when looking to Camp Gossip Girl for a possible contender. Admittedly, we put our bets on one Taylor Momsen, blissfully unaware of the gobsmacking transformation that was underway (this was the innocent days of 2008, you understand).

Needless to say, MPK clearly agrees that a Gossip Girler is the ideal choice for a film which covers Carrie’s senior year at high school. Because not only has the show replaced SATC as every fashion fan’s fave watch, but the world fell in love with Lively as a sprightly Upper East Side high-schooler and her role as the stylish Serena van der Woodsen proves she can work a uniform with serious aplomb. BUT can Blake pull off that Carrie sass and, more importantly, her '80s pre-NYC perm? GULP.

Thing is, Blake is so pretty and preppy while our beloved Carrie is a more experimental kinda gal. Blake is sporty Ralph Lauren while Carrie is quirky Patricia Field, etc. So we couldn't help but wonder (ha!) whether her all-American gorgeousness will do Carrie’s eclectic wardrobe of glitzy turbans, vintage finds and, often outrageous, accessories justice?

Either way, today’s news is another triumph in Blake’s rise to supersonic stardom. The 22-year-old has swiftly become fashiondom's new darling – in 2010 alone, she bagged a Chanel campaign, namesake Louboutins and FROW spots beside Anna Wintour – so who better to play one of telly’s most iconic style heroes?

Oh, and if the first prequel goes well, it could be followed by a second film called ‘Summer And The City’ (see what they’ve done there?), which follows Carrie when she moves from Connecticut to New York. Yep, we have an inkling the SATC-shaped hole in our hearts is about to be filled, BIG TIME.

While we wait for the full deets, Grazia HQ is sizzling with speculation about who might join Blake in the prequel. Emma Stone would make a brilliant Miranda if she were to pop up, dontcha think? Or how about Hailee Steinfeld as a young and perky Charlotte York? We’re already dreaming of a scruffy R-Pattz sweeping Carrie off her pre-Big Manolos... Ooh, bring on the teen angst!

So we want to hear your hopes and dreams for ‘The Carrie Diaries’. Do tell us below...

by Jessica Vince


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