Sacre Bleu! MORE bizarre French Connection ads!

02 February 2011

Oooh la la peoples! Zose magnifique types at ze French Connection are about to launch their S/S ’11 campaign and they have taken their hunt for the coolest man and woman to be their ambassador really vraiment serieusely this time.

Oh yes. Stopping neither night or day to search out the coolest individuals in ze WHOLE MONDE, their quest sounds epic to us. In the words of the brand themselves, they 'scoured Europe to find ambassadors that represented their sex with the joie de vivre, sophistication and irreverence of French Connection. People who knew their own style, weren’t faddish and were up for experimenting'


BUT THEN, having rounded up their prizewinning selection of hipsters, what would they do next? Ship them off for a shoot, err, we mean create 'THE MAN CAMP on the Isle of Malta and THE WOMAN CAMP on the Isle of Gozo' and dare the models, to 'discover what it meant to be a Man or Woman in the 21st century [and] explore ideas of how gender and society dictate how we are meant to act' Haw-hee haww. TRES INTERESTING. *Strokes chin reflectively*

This socialogical experiment was executed by the girls and boys each performing a series of tasks.

Here they are in action . . .     


Bertrand Le Pluard Found on the streets of Paris, he described himself: “I’m an image maker, illiterate diarist, suburban freak, 99cents oracle, hippie whore, style remedy, digitalcrash, socialized hermit and ego shaman...” Nathan Barley? 'Oo is zat? 


Daniel Hills - discovered lurking on the streets of London. He is a surfer, famed polymath and a musician in a band called Friendship. Why has he got in the swimming pool with all his clothes on? We just don't know. Perhaps that is the polymathical side of him coming out.


Paul Hamy A French-American Artist based in Paris. Paul was one of the founders of the French Arts collective Pain-O-Chokolat and when he finds time models for Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent. See how he approaches that bloodied carcass. He looks so ernest that no-one would dare make a joke about Lady Gaga when looking at this picture.


Ludmilla Dom Perigon We found Ludmilla in Paris. She loves horses and she can also play the piano with her feet. This, of course is deeply symbolic of the position women oppressed by the patriachal society find themself in. OR per'aps it just makes a pleasingly surreal image for the campaign. 'Oo can tell?


Simone Van Werkhoven Has an amazing name. Simone suffers from an aching hip and hails from Holland but lives around the corner from Ludmilla in Paris. Oh sorry, that should be 'achingly hip' Pardon-moi!


Eden Clarke Eden grew up on the glamorous Isle of White and is soooooo pretty that she can carry off having her lady leg stubble removed in public by a grizzled old Maltese barber. Ooh the insouciance!

Polina Sova Loves to speak Norwegian mingled with Russian as she graffitis in East London. She learnt to roller-skate powered by fire extinguishers for our short films. She iz the clear winner if you ask us.

- Naomi Attwood


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