The case of Rodarte and the missing credits part 3!

31 January 2011

Oh no! oh no! oh no! How did this happen? A film we all got super-hyped about it – Black Swan, a fact not unnoticed by the nominators of the Oscars AND a design duo we adore for their creations on the catwalk and red carpet. How have all these elements got tangled up in a row, with the Rodarte sisters on one side and the film’s director and costume designer, Amy Westcott on the other? Now Ms Westcott has waded into the argument herself. And she doesn’t sound happy.

She spoke to Clothes on Film about the credit controversy;

‘Controversy is too complimentary a word for two people using their considerable self-publicising resources to loudly complain about their credit once they realised how good the film is.’

When asked if she felt victimised by all the coverage of the Rodarte’s “injustice” she replied;

I was happy for Rodarte’s persistent publicity efforts at first; I’m so proud of the film and anything that brings it to an even wider audience is genuinely welcome. I tried to put aside my ego while being airbrushed from history in all of their interviews, as I’m just not that kind of person anyway. But when articles were planted that attacked me personally as if I had conspired against them I felt nothing but despair and betrayal. I don’t have a publicist working for me, needless to say, and I was asked to stay quiet -“not to engage”, to avoid any bad press towards the film‘

Oh Ladies! Can't you all play nicely? After all, the film wasn't even nominated for an Oscar for the costumes anyway.

-Naomi Attwood


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