Editor of Italian Vogue attacks blogger 'epidemic'

28 January 2011

Franca Sozzani, the Rapunzel-haired Editor in Chief of Italian Vogue, is not a lady who believes in mincing her words or biting her tongue. Only last week she blogged furiously that she couldn’t abide fashion magazines featuring shoots with naked people, children dressed as adults or older models without their clothes (all aspects that featured in the Tom Ford-guest-edited edition of French Vogue. Coincidence?) because they are VULGAR.

Now she needs everyone to know just how puzzled she is about the ‘invasion of fashion bloggers’. She elaborates; ‘Do we need all these bloggers? They don't offer an opinion but only talk about themselves, take their own pictures wearing absurd outfits. What's the point? I don't even know who they are except a few names because they are so many and all the same’

Oooh! *waves handbag flamboyantly* Miaow indeed! We’re not trying to play down Ms Sozzani’s influence – she’s one of the most powerful people in the fashion industry and all the brands are terrified of offending her; BUT she's getting herself quite a reputation.

How have the bloggers themselves reacted to such withering distain? Susie Bubble of Style Bubble tweeted today that ‘To me, it's an opinion that many in the industry hold about bloggers - it's nothing new to me...’ What a gracious thing to say after someone has been talking about your ilk in terms like ‘the only thing I can say with certitude it's that if it were a disease, we would call it a viral cold. An epidemic!’



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