We talk pop-up shops, LFW & Sienna with Savannah Miller!

21 January 2011


Yesterday, we sneaked out of the office for a rendezvous with fashion designer (and one half of celebrity sibling partnership Twenty8Twelve) to discuss Savannah Miller's latest project, her plans for London Fashion Week and just what her wardrobe essentials are . . .
Grazia Daily: Hello Savannah and thanks for meeting with us. Can you explain a little bit about your latest project. You are teaching people how to create their own pop-up shops, aren’t you?

Savannah Miller: That’s right. I’ve been creating certain video tutorials online for this special blog called Ministry of Found - ministry-of-found.com The whole idea is to encourage people who have an idea for a cool business that they should really go for it. They don’t even have to quit their 9-5 job, they could do it in their spare time and they could have a temporary pop up shop to boost brand awareness and get things moving, then follow through after that close by having their own online shop! I think so many people have a great idea of something they’d like to do, but they don’t want to do it because they are scared it won’t work. We’re giving people practical tips on how they could actually achieve it!

GD: Wow, that sounds very innovative. How has your own experience of setting up Twenty8Twelve with Sienna helped you advise people?

SM: Loads. It’s such an incredible opportunity for me to run my own label. It’s why I trained as a fashion designer and it’s a life-long dream of mine but it’s also been a big learning curve. It’s now impossible for me to say whether I would call myself primarily a designer or more a businesswoman because they are both so intertwined. When I was working designing for other labels I wasn’t particularly interested in the business side of things but now I love it and I know all about our sales figures and the bottom line.
GD:  That sounds pretty grown up!
SM: Don’t get me wrong – the fashion side of things is where the passion and the excitement is for me, the absolute best thing is when I am out and about and I see someone wearing my designs. I love it. The best moments are when you see someone wearing something that I have designed and they have styled it up in a completely different way to the way you envisaged. Once I saw this great girl wearing a Twenty8Twelve little summer dress in winter with tights, big boots and a woolly scarf, she looked amazing and that was just such a buzz!
GD: Are you excited about London Fashion Week yet? Or panicking?
We’re not doing a catwalk show this season; we’re taking ourselves out of that particular cycle for a change. We haven’t ruled out the possibility of doing something really wacky and different during fashion week though, to do with the brand, just not a conventional show. So watch this space! All the collection is all finished though and I have to say it is the best one we’ve ever done. I’m very satisfied with it. It’s everything that I hoped for and more.
GD: Sounds great! Can you tell us what would your essential wardrobe items be? If your house burnt down, for example, what would be the few things you couldn’t live without?

SM: Oh my God! Loads of things. A great white shirt. Vital. Great skinny jeans AND a great wide-leg pair too. A tailored black jacket. A beautiful coat – we’ve just made one for Autumn Winter that is lovely – a really mannish one. Sienna said ‘I just want a big man’s coat but one that fits me’ so that's what we made. It’s great. Ooh, I’m just thinking about my house burning down now. That would be terrible.

GD: Don’t worry Savannah – it’s just a figure of speech. Thanks very much for chatting to us!

- Naomi Attwood


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