Mugler/Formichetti/Gaga round up!

20 January 2011

After all the hype and the build-up towards the Mugler menswear show that took place yesterday, now everyone is in the mood to chat about the crazy French uber ‘80’s brand. AND get properly excited about the womens show, which is about a month away now. It turns out that Nicola Formichetti - the new creative director - isn’t worried about his lack of formal fashion training so much any more, although he was at first. He told Fashionologie;

‘I thought, How can you do something better than Thierry Mugler? He was a fashion god.’ He continued: ‘At first I thought I couldn’t do anything better than he did, so I didn’t want to do it. And then I said, 'F*ck it, I’m going to do my thing.’

His secret weapon(s) are two crack designers, Sebastien Peigne, who spent 10 years designing for Balenciaga, for womenswear and Romain Kremer for mens. Together with the woman he used to style, Lady Gaga, who spends time with him ‘just having fun and getting very inspired from the idea of Mugler.’ And, even though she is not on the Mugler payroll, just helping her friend ‘She’s very much involved, more in the early stages.’ Ooooh!


The menswear show went down very well yesterday, although a leedle bit of the focus was on ultra-scary tattooed model, Rick Genest (who, btw, we knew about last year when Charlie Le Mindu showed us some pictures of him on his phone and told us he’d become obsessed with him after meeting him in Montreal). He basically has all the markings of a skeleton, and Da Vinci-like veins and innards all over him. (!)

As another token of her support for her stylist and right hand man, a quote from her Gaganess was used in the show notes;

'Blood pumps through Nicola’s veins like perfume and cigarettes. His brain throbs with misfit royalty, glamour as punk survival, attitude as liberation, style as revolution. Thierry Mugler has a way with legendary lifestyle and Nicola is just that: Epic Lifestyle, Freakdom, Gorgeous or Die, the ‘fuck’ in future poetry, the street in High-Fashion. Nicola Formichetti is Fashion’s Freedom. I love him, my friend the genius, my collaborator, more than any piece of clothing or closet I possess. But don’t tell him I said that, he’ll die. He picked them all out.'

- Naomi Attwood


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